Beyond Our Ken
1950s BBC radio comedy series starring Kenneth Horne.

Beyond Our Ken (19581964) was a radio comedy programme, the predecessor to Round the Horne (19651968). Both programmes starred Kenneth Horne, Kenneth Williams, Hugh Paddick, Betty Marsden and Bill Pertwee, with announcer Douglas Smith. Musical accompaniment was provided by the BBC Revue Orchestra.

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  1. A Cockeyed Optimist (0Mb)
  2. It's Been Good to Know (0Mb)
  3. I Am (0Mb)
  4. Lover Come Back to Me (0Mb)
  5. Today Has Been A Lovely Day (0Mb)
  6. A Wonderful Thing to be Loved (0Mb)
  7. Beat Up the Town (0Mb)
  8. That's What Makes Paris Paris (0Mb)
  9. That Old Devil Moon (0Mb)
  10. A Farewell to Arms (0Mb)
  11. Trader Horn (0Mb)
  12. The Rains Come (0Mb)
  13. Deep Are the Roots (0Mb)
  14. The Sea Wolf (0Mb)
  15. Black Beauty (0Mb)
  16. Great Expectations (0Mb)
  17. Treasure Island (0Mb)
  18. Tobacco Road (0Mb)
  19. Look Back in Anger (0Mb)
  20. Nude with Violin (0Mb)
  21. A Touch of the Sun (0Mb)
  22. Hay Fever (0Mb)
  23. The School for Scandal (0Mb)
  24. The Reluctant Debutante (0Mb)
  25. This Happy Breed (0Mb)
  26. Dear Octopus (0Mb)
  27. A Hatful of Rain (0Mb)
  28. Dr. No (0Mb)
  29. The Bells are Ringing (0Mb)
  30. The Thirty-Nine Steps (0Mb)
  31. Brief Encounter (0Mb)
  32. Suddenly Last Summer (0Mb)
  33. Some Come Running [end missing] (0Mb)
  34. The Devil at Four O'Clock (0Mb)
  35. Under Two Flags (0Mb)
  36. Gigi (0Mb)
  37. Nudes of the World (0Mb)
  38. Room at the Top (0Mb)
  39. Love in the Afternoon (0Mb)
  40. Man with the Golden Arm (0Mb)
  41. The Longest Day (0Mb)
  42. The Gentleman's Agreement (0Mb)
  43. Love from a Stranger (0Mb)
  44. All Quiet on the Western Front (0Mb)
  45. House of Wax (0Mb)
  46. Gale Warning (0Mb)
  47. Three Coins in a Fountain (0Mb)
  48. The Most Happy Fella (0Mb)
  49. Around the World in 80 Days (0Mb)
  50. The Horse Soldiers (0Mb)
  51. Desire Under the Elms (0Mb)
  52. The Charge of the Light Brigade (0Mb)
  53. Charley's Aunt (0Mb)
  54. Tunes of Glory (0Mb)
  55. A Yank at Oxford (0Mb)
  56. Oscar Wilde (0Mb)
  57. Forever Amber (0Mb)
  58. The Defiant Ones (0Mb)
  59. The 101 Dalmations (0Mb)
  60. Ferry to Hong Kong (0Mb)
  61. 55 Days at Peking (0Mb)
  62. The Great Escape (0Mb)
  63. No Trees in the Street (0Mb)
  64. Spring in Park Lane (0Mb)
  65. Sorry, Wrong Number (0Mb)
  66. Ice Cold in Alex (0Mb)
  67. The Young Lions (0Mb)
  68. The Seven Year Itch (0Mb)
  69. Ten Tall Men (0Mb)
  70. For Whom the Bell Tolls (0Mb)
  71. Tender is the Night (0Mb)
  72. The Miracle Worker (0Mb)
  73. Tea and Sympathy (0Mb)
  74. Twelve O'Clock High (0Mb)
  75. The Great Train Robbery (0Mb)
  76. The Magnificent Seven (0Mb)
  77. Things to Come (0Mb)

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