Boogie Up The River

Story about one man and his dog trying to find the source of the Thames.
from archive.org

Mark Wallington’s six-part adaptation of his own novel about one man’s quest to discover the true source of the Thames, travelling upriver in an unrenovated camping skiff in the company of Boogie, his faithful and flatulent hound. Timothy Spall playes Mark, and Carla Mendonça the love of his life, Jennifer, a high-powered executive for whom the lure of adventure never quite overcame the attractions of a life spent selling car-parking space.

  1. I'll See You on Tower Pier at Eleven (13.5Mb)
  2. I'll Definitely Meet You in Sonning (13.4Mb)
  3. I'll See You Outside Boots in Oxford (13.5Mb)
  4. A Curry at Kelmscot (12.3Mb)
  5. Lechlade, Twinned With Zanzibar (13.2Mb)
  6. I'll See You at the Source (13.5Mb)

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