My Booze Hell
Comedy reminiscence of a faded 1970s pop idol

Series based on Johnny Meres' Perrier-nominated show, as the faded 70s idol explains his downfall to a bemused Sue Lawley

Johnny Meres wrote and starred in this biographical Late Night Opening quickie series about a washed-up seventies pop idol. More surreal than satirical, the series featured a regular supporting cast of Ben Miller, Peter Serafinowicz, Geoff McGivern, Rosemary Martin and Deborah Berlin, plus a different guest interviewer each week, ranging from Desert Island Discs’ Sue Lawley to John Waite of Face the Facts.

  1. Malcolm MacDonald's Sideburns (19.3Mb)
  2. Sugar, Der Der Der Der Der Der, Ah Honey, Honey (19.7Mb)
  3. And Cue Supersonic (18.8Mb)
  4. Frank Wignall (18.4Mb)

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