The Literary Adventures Of Mr Brown

Comedy by Chris Gau and Mike Orton-Toliver about literary agent Kurtis Brown
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Imagine if London's genteel literary scene had a bit more swag and a gangsta's lean. You've just imagined The Literary Adventures of Mr. Brown.

With the help of his naively affable intern, Charlie, the heroic, absurd and frankly bad-ass Kurtis Brown fights for his clients in London's entertainment industry.

When you need your fights fought and your books bought, who are you going to call? The best damn literary agent in the world, Kurtis Brown. He'll solve all your problems...for 15%.

Written and performed by Chris Gau and Mike Orton-Toliver.

Performer: Lola-Rose Maxwell

Producer: Zoe Rocha
Executive Producer: Ralf Little

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