Buck Rogers in the 25th Century

Science fiction adventure radio serial, 1932-47
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Buck Rogers in the 25th Century was a radio drama series based on the popularity of the popular novel and comics series Buck Rogers. It aired from 1932 until 1947 and was notable for being the first science fiction radio show.

Buck Rogers was initially broadcast as a 15-minute show on CBS Radio, from Monday through Thursday. It first ran from November 7, 1932, until May 22, 1936.

In 1936, it moved to a Monday, Wednesday, Friday schedule and went off the air the same year. Mutual Broadcasting System brought the show back and broadcast it three days a week from April 5 to July 31, 1939, and from May 18 to July 27, 1940, a 30-minute version was broadcast on Saturdays. From September 30, 1946, to March 28, 1947, Mutual aired a 15-minute version on weekdays.

The show was directed by Carlo De Angelo and Jack Johnstone. De Angelo also produced it. Sound effects were provided by Ora Daigle Nichols. In 1988, Johnstone recalled how he worked with the sound effects of Ora Nichols to produce the sound of the rockets by using an air-conditioning vent. Dick Calkins, who also made the comic strip, wrote the scripts.

Actors Matt Crowley, Curtis Arnall, Carl Frank and John Larkin all voiced Buck Rogers at various times. Wilma Deering was portrayed by Adele Ronson, and the brilliant scientist-inventor Dr. Huer was played by Edgar Stehli.

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  1. The Gyro-Cosmic Relativator, Part 1 of 12 - The Gyro-Cosmic Relativator (1939-04-05) (6.5Mb)
  2. The Gyro-Cosmic Relativator, Part 2 of 12 - The Gyro-Cosmic Relativator Has Been Installed (1939-04-07) (6.5Mb)
  3. The Gyro-Cosmic Relativator, Part 3 of 12 - Willie and Black Barney Are Testing Dr Huer's New Invention (1939-04-09) (6.5Mb)
  4. The Gyro-Cosmic Relativator, Part 4 of 12 - The Psychic Restriction Ray Has Been Stolen (1939-04-12) (6.4Mb)
  5. The Gyro-Cosmic Relativator, Part 5 of 12 - Kane and Ardala Turn the Psychic Restriction Ray on Barney (1939-04-14) (6.4Mb)
  6. The Gyro-Cosmic Relativator, Part 6 of 12 - Dr Huer Searches for Impenetrite (1939-04-16) (6.5Mb)
  7. The Gyro-Cosmic Relativator, Part 7 of 12 - Black Barney is Under the Control of Killer Kane (1939-04-19) (6.6Mb)
  8. The Gyro-Cosmic Relativator, Part 8 of 12 - Dr Huer's New Relativator is Installed (1939-04-21) (6.5Mb)
  9. The Gyro-Cosmic Relativator, Part 9 of 12 - Willie Crash-Lands His Rocket Roadster (1939-04-23) (6.5Mb)
  10. The Gyro-Cosmic Relativator, Part 10 of 12 - Black Barney is Gathering Destructive Weapons (1939-04-26) (6.5Mb)
  11. The Gyro-Cosmic Relativator, Part 11 of 12 - Dr Huer's Fruitless Trip to Omaha (1939-04-28) (6.5Mb)
  12. The Gyro-Cosmic Relativator, Part 12 of 12 - Buck and Wilma Rocket to Omaha (1939-04-30) (6.6Mb)
  13. The Mechanical Mole, Part 1 of 7 (1939-05-03) (file not found)
  14. The Mechanical Mole, Part 2 of 7 (1939-05-05) (file not found)
  15. The Mechanical Mole, Part 3 of 7 (1939-05-08) (file not found)
  16. The Mechanical Mole, Part 4 of 7 (1939-05-10) (file not found)
  17. The Mechanical Mole, Part 5 of 7 (1939-05-12) (file not found)
  18. The Mechanical Mole, Part 6 of 7 - The Mechanical Mole is Trapped Underground by a Black Substance (1939-05-15) (file not found)
  19. The Mechanical Mole, Part 7 of 7 - Willie is Lost, Then Found Underground (1939-05-17) (file not found)
  20. The Chase After Killer Kane, Part 1 of 5 - Killer Kane and Ardala Have Captured Dr Huer and Escaped to the Saturnian (1939-05-19) (file not found)
  21. The Chase After Killer Kane, Part 2 of 5 - King Korax Decides to Team up with Killer Kane and Invade Venus (1939-05-21) (file not found)
  22. The Chase After Killer Kane, Part 3 of 5 (1939-05-23) (file not found)
  23. The Chase After Killer Kane, Part 4 of 5 (1939-05-25) (file not found)
  24. The Chase After Killer Kane, Part 5 of 5 (1939-05-29) (file not found)
  25. The Last Show (1947-03-28) (file not found)

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