Kathmandu or Bust

Comedy about an overland trip to Nepal
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Five travellers, a truck and clueless leader. A bumpy ride ahead for five travellers, an old truck and a leader who has never been to Asia.

Series written by Mike Yeaman and David Napthine.

Simon . David Haig
Mechanic . Peter Serafinowicz
Petra . Michelle Chadwick
Callum . Forbes Masson
Trigger . Richard Ridings
Joan . Sarah Crowden
Ellie . Lolly Susi
Bernice . Natasha Pyne

Producer: Lissa Evans

First broadcast on BBC Radio 4 in June 1996.

  1. Episode 1 (12.9Mb)
  2. Episode 2 (12.9Mb)
  3. Episode 3 (13Mb)
  4. Episode 4 (13Mb)
  5. Episode 5 (13Mb)
  6. Episode 6 (13Mb)

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