Caesar series 1-3

Historical drama about Rome's most influential emperors
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Two series.

1) Meeting At Formiae: Julius Caesar makes an undercover visit to Senate leaders Cicero and Cato in order to gather support forthe shake-up of Roman politics that would eventually lead to his supreme rule.

2) The Arena: Octavian was just nineteen when Julius Caesar was killed. As Caesar's appointed heir, he had some formidable adversaries, including Mark Anthony, but his political skill was unparalleled.

3) Peeling Figs For Julius

1) The Best of Mothers: Emperor Nero was a thwarted artist who hated violence and was only brought down for transgressing the Roman code of gravitas.

2) The Glass Ball Game: The historian Suetonius is drawn into Hadrian's private life when he befriends the Emperor's young lover, Antinous, and travels with them into the heart of Egypt.

3) Citizens In A Great City: Young Commodus buckles under the expectations put upon him by his father, the philosopher emperor Marcus Aurelius.Septimus Severus is called upon to save the Empire from anarchy.

  1. Meeting at Formiae (0Mb)
  2. The Arena (0Mb)
  3. Peeling Figs for Julius (0Mb)
  4. The Best of Mothers (0Mb)
  5. The Glass Ball Game (0Mb)
  6. Citizens in a Great City (0Mb)
  7. 1 Empress in The West (51.9Mb)
  8. 2 The Maker of All Things (52.1Mb)
  9. 3 Empire Without End (52.1Mb)

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