Captain Kremmen
Kenny Everett's science fiction radio serial set in the early 21st century

Captain Kremmen was a science fiction radio serial set in the early 21st Century. (The pilot opens in 2005.) It was written and performed for Capital Radio by the DJ Kenny Everett, and was also broadcast on Liverpool's Radio City and Nottingham's Radio Trent. It featured the eponymous vain and dimwitted spaceship captain. Everett took the name Kremmen from a record label owned by the son of comedian Mel Blanc. Each episode began with a recap by Everett's fellow DJ, Tommy Vance.

  1. S01E01 - There's Something Up There (2.4Mb)
  2. S01E02 - Inside the Thing (2.1Mb)
  3. S01E03 - Trust Me, I'm a Doctor (2.4Mb)
  4. S01E04 - Crashing at the Thargoids' (2.4Mb)
  5. S01E05 - The Pain of Strain Falls Mainly on the Brain (2.4Mb)
  6. S01E06 - There's No Place Like Dome (2.4Mb)
  7. S01E07 - Throbbing Into Action (2.4Mb)
  8. S01E08 - One Whiff Equals Instant Death (2.4Mb)
  9. S01E09 - Sensational Solution (2.4Mb)
  10. S01E10 - Something Vibrating (2.4Mb)
  11. S01E11 - Kremmen Kneels for No-One (2.4Mb)
  12. S01E12 - Summoning Up a Whopper (2.4Mb)
  13. S01E13 - Carla Pulls a Master Stroke (2.4Mb)
  14. S01E14 - Carla's Doobrie Brings Relief (2.3Mb)
  15. S01E15 - The President Unleashes an Awesome Weapon (2.4Mb)
  16. S01E16 - Carla Awaits the End (2.4Mb)
  17. S01E17 - Penetration Imminent (2.4Mb)
  18. S01E18 - Have Weapon, Will Wreak Havoc (2.4Mb)
  19. S01E19 - Something Nasty in the Throne Room (2.4Mb)
  20. S01E20 - Firing Blanks It's Not the End of the World (2.4Mb)
  21. S01E21 - Back to Home Base for Decoration (2.4Mb)
  22. S01E22 - A Hero's Welcome... An Alien's Threat (2.4Mb)
  23. S01E23 - Gort The Ugly Truth (2.4Mb)
  24. S01E24 - Gort Uncaught (2.4Mb)
  25. S01E25 - A Sticky End (2.4Mb)

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