The Man Called X

1940s espionage drama
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The Man Called X is an espionage radio drama that aired on CBS and NBC from July 10, 1944, to May 20, 1952. The radio series was later adapted for television and was broadcast on the "small screen" for one season, 1956-1957.

Herbert Marshall had the lead role of agent Ken Thurston/"Mr. X" who took on dangerous cases in a variety of exotic locations. Leon Belasco played Mr. X's comedic sidekick, Pegon Zellschmidt, who always turned up in remote parts of the world because he had a "cousin" there. Pegon would annoy and help Mr. X. Wendell Niles was the announcer from 1947 to 1948. Gordon Jenkins Orchestra supplied the background music.

The series was created by Jay Richard Kennedy who later adapted The Man Called X to a 39-episode syndicated television series (1956–1957) starring Barry Sullivan as Thurston for Ziv Television.

  1. The Man Called X Series Synopsis (2.1Mb)
  2. Herbert Marshall (3Mb)
  3. Leon Blasco (1.3Mb)
  4. Murder, Music and a Blonde Madonna (13.4Mb)
  5. India Quinine Contract (14Mb)
  6. International Blackmail Racket (27.3Mb)
  7. Stolen Diamonds (6.7Mb)
  8. Into Berlin (27.1Mb)
  9. Stolen Lavaliers In France (13.5Mb)
  10. Turtle Island Vacation (11.5Mb)
  11. Antarctic Expedition (12.6Mb)
  12. Acme Oil Refinery (11.9Mb)
  13. Mr Messler and the Insurance Policy (12.3Mb)
  14. The Stamp Story (24.4Mb)
  15. Swindle to Honolulu (18.5Mb)
  16. The Silver Scarab (18.5Mb)
  17. The Silver Scarab (27.1Mb)
  18. Rembrandt in Rio (26.4Mb)
  19. Destination Manila (26.3Mb)
  20. Will You Marry Me aka Till Death Do Us Part (12.4Mb)
  21. The Lost Ones (18.6Mb)
  22. The Throne Of Tayh-Ninh (23.2Mb)
  23. No One Wins on Zero (19Mb)
  24. All That Glitters (18.9Mb)
  25. Timber Country (19Mb)
  26. Ashes to Ashes (17.1Mb)
  27. Written in the Sand (27.3Mb)
  28. Trip to Xenephon (20Mb)
  29. Report from the Arctic (15.3Mb)
  30. Checkmate in Tahiti (23Mb)
  31. Shipment Condemned (15.2Mb)
  32. Delta Concerto (15.3Mb)
  33. From a Starlit Hill (16.1Mb)
  34. Assignment -- Naples (16Mb)
  35. Spot the Eight Ball (15.2Mb)
  36. Spirit of the Snows (15.5Mb)
  37. Ranee of Shalakar (15.3Mb)
  38. Carbon Fourteen (14.9Mb)
  39. One Way to Macassar (19.8Mb)
  40. A Tiger for the Lady (19.9Mb)
  41. Guns on the Niger (15Mb)
  42. Operation Silver (15Mb)
  43. Storm over the Alps (15.1Mb)
  44. Passport to Danger (14.9Mb)
  45. The Pickled Chemist (18.5Mb)
  46. One Sailor Died Twice (15.2Mb)
  47. A Ruby for Pearl (15.1Mb)
  48. Mekong River Dam (20.3Mb)
  49. The Girl Who Couldn't Remember (13.5Mb)
  50. Burma Peninsula (20.3Mb)
  51. Contraband (20.1Mb)
  52. Worth Her Weight In Gold (20.3Mb)
  53. Kangaroo Bay, Australia (20.3Mb)
  54. Madagascar Physicist (20.3Mb)
  55. The Laughing Lady (20.3Mb)
  56. Custom Cigarettes (26.6Mb)
  57. One Way to Macassar (26.8Mb)
  58. Journey to Xenephon (26.7Mb)
  59. Professor Czorny Has Disappeared (26.3Mb)
  60. Rendezvous with Death (26.5Mb)
  61. Warm Welcome, Sudden Death (26.6Mb)
  62. Missing Deciphering Machine Plans (26.6Mb)
  63. Dr Alvarez's Laboratory (26.9Mb)
  64. Mr X Goes to Syria (26.8Mb)
  65. Red Messenger (26.8Mb)
  66. From a Starlit Hill (26.8Mb)
  67. Rhythm of Death (27Mb)
  68. Operation Fifty (27.1Mb)
  69. Five Ounces of Treason (27Mb)
  70. Japan Underground (26.9Mb)
  71. Orient Express (27Mb)
  72. Pirates off the Coast of India (26.9Mb)
  73. The Black of Diamonds aka Mine Sabotage (26.9Mb)
  74. North of Thirty Eight (27Mb)
  75. A Tiny Bit of Microfilm (26.9Mb)
  76. Dope Smuggling (26.9Mb)
  77. Cargo Confidant (26.9Mb)
  78. University of Leiden (27.1Mb)
  79. Missing Witness (27Mb)
  80. The Blue Unicorn (26.9Mb)
  81. India (26.9Mb)
  82. Treason at White Sands (27Mb)
  83. Race Against Death (26.9Mb)
  84. Terror Across the Nation (27Mb)
  85. Monte Carlo (26.9Mb)
  86. Knocked Off His Feet (27Mb)
  87. Enough Intrigue to Fill a Book (26.9Mb)
  88. A Man, a Girl and a Plot (27Mb)
  89. Stalin Plus Seven (27.1Mb)
  90. Grain Black Market in India (27Mb)
  91. Amazon River (27Mb)
  92. Vienna (26.9Mb)
  93. Death and Treasury March Hand in Hand (27Mb)
  94. The Casbah (27Mb)
  95. Flying Trip to Indonesia (27Mb)
  96. Invitation to a Murder (27Mb)
  97. Petroleum Sabotage In Lima (26.9Mb)
  98. Flying Trip to Nowhere (27.1Mb)
  99. Icy Slopes of the Matterhorn (27Mb)
  100. Casablanca (27Mb)
  101. Dirty Racket (22.4Mb)
  102. The Clicking Buddha (22.5Mb)
  103. Italy (22.4Mb)
  104. Ha'Penny Stamp (22.4Mb)
  105. Orinoco River Basin (22.4Mb)
  106. Alaska Weather Station (22.6Mb)
  107. Plan To Kill NATO Pact (22.4Mb)
  108. Tanganyika (22Mb)
  109. Silcilian Farmland (23Mb)
  110. The Maverick Steer aka Foot and Mouth (22.5Mb)
  111. Cholera Epidemic (22.7Mb)
  112. The Desert of Death (Kabul Afghanistan) (22.7Mb)
  113. Rescue From Czech Uranium Mine (22.4Mb)
  114. Ancient Byzantine Bible (22.4Mb)
  115. Operation Cabal (22.6Mb)

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