The Campbell Playhouse

Live CBS radio drama series directed by and starring Orson Welles
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The Campbell Playhouse (1938–40) was a live CBS radio drama series directed by and starring Orson Welles. Produced by Welles and John Houseman, it was a sponsored continuation of The Mercury Theatre on the Air. The series offered hour-long adaptations of classic plays and novels, as well as adaptations of popular motion pictures.

When Welles left at the end of the second season, The Campbell Playhouse changed format as a 30-minute weekly series that ran for one season (1940–41).

  1. Rebecca (13.6Mb)
  2. Counselor-at-Law (26Mb)
  3. Mutiny on the Bounty (27.2Mb)
  4. I Lost My Girlish Laughter (26.2Mb)
  5. Arrowsmith (26.9Mb)
  6. The Green Goddess (9.8Mb)
  7. The Glass Key (27Mb)
  8. Beau Geste (20Mb)
  9. 20th Century (26.6Mb)
  10. Showboat (6.7Mb)
  11. The Patriot (25.3Mb)
  12. Private Lives (26.7Mb)
  13. Wickford Point (26.8Mb)
  14. Our Town (26.4Mb)
  15. The Bad Man (26.5Mb)
  16. Things We Have (26.1Mb)
  17. Victoria Regina (25.2Mb)
  18. Peter Ibbetson (19.6Mb)
  19. Ah, Wilderness (19.9Mb)
  20. Algiers (24Mb)
  21. Escape (9.8Mb)
  22. Liliom (25.4Mb)
  23. The Magnificent Ambersons (25.5Mb)
  24. The Hurricane (20.5Mb)
  25. The Murder of Roger Ackroyd (25.2Mb)
  26. The Garden of Allah (23.8Mb)
  27. Dodsworth (18.8Mb)
  28. Lost Horizon (23.6Mb)
  29. Vanessa (20.6Mb)
  30. There's Always a Woman (26Mb)
  31. A Christmas Carol, Part 1 (7.1Mb)
  32. A Christmas Carol, Part 2 (6.2Mb)
  33. Vanity Fair (20.2Mb)
  34. Theodora Goes Wild (25.9Mb)
  35. The Citadel (12.4Mb)
  36. It Happened One Night (27.4Mb)
  37. Broom Stages (16.7Mb)
  38. Mr. Deeds Goes to Town (26.9Mb)
  39. Dinner at Eight (27.4Mb)
  40. Only Angels Have Wings (26.8Mb)
  41. Rabble in Arms (26.5Mb)
  42. Craig's Wife (20.1Mb)
  43. Huckleberry Finn (12.3Mb)
  44. June Moon (27Mb)
  45. Jane Eyre (27Mb)
  46. Wells Meets Welles (1.7Mb)
  47. Theatre of the Imagination (interviews) (9Mb)

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