Captain Kremmen

Comedy sci-fi shorts from Kenny Everett
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Captain Kremmen was a science fiction radio serial set in the early 21st Century. (The pilot opens in 2005.) It was written and performed for Capital Radio by the DJ Kenny Everett, and was also broadcast on Liverpool's Radio City and Nottingham's Radio Trent. It featured the eponymous vain and dimwitted spaceship captain. Everett took the name Kremmen from a record label owned by the son of comedian Mel Blanc. Each episode began with a recap by Everett's fellow DJ, Tommy Vance.The premise was subsequently adapted for television and other media.

  1. Captain Kremmen & The Krells (32.5Mb)
  2. Series 1 (30.6Mb)
  3. Captain Kremmen Trailer (0.2Mb)
  4. Help A London Child (unknown file size)
  5. S01E01 Sun Suckers (unknown file size)
  6. S01E02 Double Trouble (unknown file size)
  7. S01E02 Help A London Child (unknown file size)
  8. S01E03 Double Trouble (unknown file size)
  9. S01E04 Double Trouble (unknown file size)
  10. S01E04 Giant Banana (unknown file size)
  11. S01E04 Sun Suckers (unknown file size)
  12. S01E05 Giant Banana (unknown file size)
  13. S01E05 Sun Suckers (unknown file size)
  14. S01E06 Double Trouble (unknown file size)
  15. S01E06 Sun Suckers (unknown file size)
  16. S01E09 Sun Suckers (unknown file size)
  17. S01E10 Sun Suckers (unknown file size)
  18. S01E11 Sun Suckers (unknown file size)
  19. S01E12 Sun Suckers (unknown file size)
  20. S01E13 Sun Suckers (unknown file size)
  21. S01E14 Sun Suckers (unknown file size)
  22. S01E15 Sun Suckers (unknown file size)
  23. S01E16 Sun Suckers (unknown file size)
  24. S02E01 Double Trouble (unknown file size)
  25. S02E05 Double Trouble (unknown file size)
  26. S02E07 Double Trouble (unknown file size)
  27. S02E08 Double Trouble (unknown file size)
  28. S02E09 Double Trouble (unknown file size)
  29. S02E10 Double Trouble (unknown file size)
  30. S03E01 Giant Banana (unknown file size)
  31. S03E03 Giant Banana (unknown file size)
  32. S03E06 Giant Banana (unknown file size)
  33. The Greatest Adventure Yet From Captain Kremmen (35.9Mb)

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