CBS Radio Workshop

Experimental 1950s drama series
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The CBS Radio Workshop was an experimental dramatic radio anthology series that aired on CBS from January 27, 1956, until September 22, 1957. Subtitled “radio’s distinguished series to man’s imagination,” it was a revival of the earlier Columbia Experimental Laboratory (1931), Columbia Experimental Dramatic Laboratory (1932) and Columbia Workshop broadcasts by CBS from 1936 to 1943, and used some of the same writers and directors employed on the earlier series. The CBS Radio Workshop was one of American network radio's last attempts to hold on to, and perhaps recapture, some of the demographics they had lost to television in the post-World War II era.

  1. Brave New World Part 1 (27.2Mb)
  2. Brave New World Part 2 (27.5Mb)
  3. Storm (6.5Mb)
  4. Season of Disbelief and Hail and Farewell (8.4Mb)
  5. Colloquy #1- Interview with William Shakespeare (6.7Mb)
  6. Voice of New York (6.8Mb)
  7. Report on ESP (27.1Mb)
  8. Cops and Robbers (6.8Mb)
  9. The Legend of Jimmy Blue Eyes (6.9Mb)
  10. The Ex-Urbanites (6.5Mb)
  11. Speaking of Cinderella-If the Shoe Fits (6.2Mb)
  12. Jacob's Hands (6.8Mb)
  13. Living Portrait - William Zekendorf, Tycoon (6.6Mb)
  14. The Record Collectors (10.2Mb)
  15. The Toledo War (6.9Mb)
  16. The Enormous Radio (6.6Mb)
  17. Lovers, Villains and Fools (7Mb)
  18. The Little Prince (7.1Mb)
  19. A Matter of Logic (7.2Mb)
  20. Bring on the Angels (6.5Mb)
  21. The Stronger (7Mb)
  22. Another Point of View (6.7Mb)
  23. The Eternal Joan (6.3Mb)
  24. Portrait of Paris (6.9Mb)
  25. The Case of the White Kitten (6.7Mb)
  26. Portrait of London (6.9Mb)
  27. Star Boy (6.9Mb)
  28. Subways Are for Sleeping (6.9Mb)
  29. Only Johnny Knows (6.8Mb)
  30. Colloquy #2 - A Dissertation on Love (6.8Mb)
  31. Billion Dollar Failure of Figger Fallup (6.8Mb)
  32. Colloquy #3 - A Study of Satire (6.9Mb)
  33. The Hither and Thither of Danny Dither (6.7Mb)
  34. A Pride of Carrots (Venus Well Served) (8.3Mb)
  35. The Oedipus Story (6.7Mb)
  36. Roughing It (7.1Mb)
  37. A Writer at Work (6.9Mb)
  38. The Legend of Annie Christmas (6Mb)
  39. When the Mountain Fell (6.8Mb)
  40. 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue (7.1Mb)
  41. Colloquy # 4 - The Joe Miller Joke Book (5.6Mb)
  42. Report on the We-Uns (5.8Mb)
  43. Sounds of a Nation (5.2Mb)
  44. King of the Cats (5.5Mb)
  45. A Psychological Account of the Do-It-Yourself Movement (6.1Mb)
  46. I Was the Duke (6.3Mb)
  47. The Big Event (The Law of Averages) (5.8Mb)
  48. All Is Bright (17Mb)
  49. Carl Sandburg's 79th Birthday (10Mb)
  50. No Time for Heartaches (5.7Mb)
  51. Fire at Malibu (5.8Mb)
  52. The Crazy Life (5.9Mb)
  53. Le Grande Greteche (5.8Mb)
  54. 1489 Words (11.4Mb)
  55. Space Merchants Part 1 (9Mb)
  56. Space Merchants Part 2 (9.2Mb)
  57. Ballad of the Iron Horse (5.8Mb)
  58. Air Raid (Prevarications of Mr Peeps) (5.4Mb)
  59. The Endless Road (27.7Mb)
  60. Harmonica Solo (5.2Mb)
  61. A Dog's Life (5.7Mb)
  62. Noh Plays of Japan (5.6Mb)
  63. Carlotta's Serape (5.6Mb)
  64. The Son of Man (5.9Mb)
  65. Light Ship (5.5Mb)
  66. Nightmare (5.6Mb)
  67. The Long Way Home (6.7Mb)
  68. Heaven is in the Sky (5.8Mb)
  69. I Have Three Heads (10.8Mb)
  70. Epitaphs (Spoon River Anthology) (5.3Mb)
  71. The Seven Hills (5.7Mb)
  72. Housing Problems (5.6Mb)
  73. Meditations on Ecclesiastes (5.5Mb)
  74. Gettysburg (5.8Mb)
  75. You Could Look It Up (5.5Mb)
  76. The Silent Witness (3.8Mb)
  77. The Green Hills of Earth (20.9Mb)
  78. Never Bet the Devil Your Head (22.7Mb)
  79. The Heart of the Man (4.8Mb)
  80. Malihini Magic (Vacations) (5.5Mb)
  81. The Celestial Omnibus (5.5Mb)
  82. Sweet Cherries in Charleston (5.8Mb)
  83. Grief Drives a Black Sedan (27.5Mb)
  84. People Are No Good (5.7Mb)
  85. Time Found Again (5.5Mb)
  86. Young Man Axelbrod (5.6Mb)

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