Spy Catcher

1960s espionage drama based on the autobiography of Oreste Pinto
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Oreste Pinto was a Dutch Intelligence Officer whom General Eisenhower called "the greatest living expert in security." The radio program, Spy Catcher, was based on Pinto's work in the Allied Counterintelligence Service. Each episode has Pinto interrogating a political refugee or seeming Allied Serviceman.

Using all the psychological and verbal tricks at his command, Pinto tries to prove that the subject is a Nazi Spy. Spy Catcher was penned by Robert Barr, and starred Bernard Archard as Pinto. Barr went on to write 26 episodes for Radio, with Archard continuing his role.

  1. Spitfire Johnny (5.9Mb)
  2. One Must Die (5.9Mb)
  3. Left Luggage (5.8Mb)
  4. Traitor In The Forest (5.8Mb)
  5. The Infernal Triangle (5.8Mb)
  6. Louise (6Mb)
  7. Margin Of Error (6Mb)
  8. The Vip (6.1Mb)
  9. I Know Your Face (6Mb)
  10. The Lisbon Run (6.1Mb)
  11. Friend Or Foe (5.9Mb)
  12. Doves Of War (5.8Mb)
  13. Game Set Match (6Mb)
  14. The Absent Friend (6Mb)
  15. Logic And Lies (6Mb)
  16. Never Say Die (6.1Mb)
  17. Happy Landings (5.8Mb)
  18. Stooping To Conquer (5.8Mb)
  19. One Of Our Aircraft (6Mb)
  20. The Gentle Gestapo Man (6Mb)
  21. Keeping A Promise (6.1Mb)
  22. Three From Spain (6Mb)
  23. Double Agent (6Mb)
  24. Neutral Ground (6Mb)

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