Ceiling Unlimited

1940s anthology series by Orson Welles, dramatizing the US aviation industry
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Ceiling Unlimited (later known as America — Ceiling Unlimited) (1942–1944) is a CBS radio series created by Orson Welles and sponsored by the Lockheed-Vega Corporation. The program was conceived to glorify the aviation industry and dramatize its role in World War II.

Ceiling Unlimited was a morale-boosting anthology of stories about heroic tales of aviation. Described by radio historian John Dunning as "aggressively patriotic," the program was sponsored by the Lockheed-Vega Corporation. There were no commercial breaks; the company was content to have just three one-line mentions throughout each show. It was noted in the contemporary press that as Lockheed and Vega had only one lucrative customer — the wartime Allied governments — they did not need to advertise.

  1. (1) Flying Fortress (7.2Mb)
  2. (6) War Workers aka Secret Agent 23 (3.3Mb)
  3. (7) Gremlins (3.3Mb)
  4. (8) Pan-American Airlines (3.3Mb)
  5. (13) The Future (3.2Mb)
  6. (38) A Smart Soldier Like Me (14.1Mb)
  7. (53) Letter to an Unborn Son (13.9Mb)
  8. (xx) The Rulers of the Earth (3.3Mb)
  9. (69) God's Corporals (13.9Mb)
  10. (xx) Sabotage (2.5Mb)
  11. (xx) Welles (2.4Mb)
  12. (xx) Dictators Meeting In Hell (3.3Mb)

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