Oliver Twist

Nine-part audio dramatisation of the Charles Dickens story
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An audio dramatisation of Charles Dickens' Oliver Twist, executive produced by Academy-Award winning director Sam Mendes, with an all-star cast including Golden Globe winner Brian Cox as Fagin, Academy Award winner Daniel Kaluuya as Bill Sikes and Nicola Coughlan as Nancy. The drama also stars Elijah Wolf, Emilio Villa-Muhammad, Kit Connor, Paapa Essiedu, Julia Davis, Nick Mohammed, Lucian Msamati, Patricia Allison and Diane Morgan.

Oliver Twist tells the beloved story of a young orphan born into the grimmest of 19th century English workhouses, faced with a life of grinding poverty ahead of him. Despite this, Oliver is a fighter and after being evicted from the workhouse for asking for "more" and surviving a stint as an undertaker's assistant, he walks many miles to London and finds a whole new life with a gang of young pickpockets led by the Artful Dodger and their guardian Fagin.

Oliver's adventures are only beginning as he finds his way into the home of wealthy Mr. Brownlow, but even there he is not safe, for Fagin and the dangerous thief Bill Sikes seek to snatch him back and lead him deeper into a life of crime. Only Nancy, Bill Sikes' girlfriend, can ensure Oliver's safety, even if that puts her own life at risk.

  1. Oliver Twist part1 (22.4Mb)
  2. Oliver Twist part2 (28.5Mb)
  3. Oliver Twist part3 (21Mb)
  4. Oliver Twist part4 (16.4Mb)
  5. Oliver Twist part5 (14.9Mb)
  6. Oliver Twist part6 (18.2Mb)
  7. Oliver Twist part7 (27.4Mb)
  8. Oliver Twist part8 (25.3Mb)
  9. Oliver Twist part9 (26.6Mb)

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