Hello Cheeky

1970s radio comedy with Barry Cryer, John Junkin and Tim Brooke-Taylor
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Comedy series starring Barry Cryer, John Junkin and Tim Brooke-Taylor, broadcast on BBC Radio 2 between 1973 and 1979.

To describe it as a sketch show, while technically correct, would also be misleading. It was typically more a succession of quick-fire gags and one-liners, rather than actual sketches. So many of the items were one-line, that co-writer Barry Cryer was moved to comment publicly that "a minute was a long sketch on Hello Cheeky". One consequence of this was that the show lacked anything resembling a regular structure.

Some items did reappear each week, but not in any kind of regular order: these included quickfire "meanwhile"s, "would you believe it?"s, "home hints for the handyman", "the Encyclopedia of the Air", comic songs, spoof phone calls (one cast member would pretend to be a listener or celebrity, phoning to complain about the previous item), spoof news flashes, and "Hello Cheeky's personal column" (a spoof advice forum). A number of the items that were used had previously been recorded by Marty Feldman (who John Junkin and Tim Brooke-Taylor had known since working together on television in 1968).

Many of the jokes were topical, featuring references to well-known personalities of the day: not only showbusiness celebrities (everyone from comedian Ken Dodd to actor Roger Moore), but also BBC presenters (including Michael Aspel, Frank Bough, Nicholas Parsons and Terry Wogan), politicians (especially the Prime Minister, Harold Wilson, and the Leader of the Opposition, Mrs Thatcher), sportsmen (such as England international footballer Martin Peters), and prominent personalities of the day (the inevitable references to clean-up-TV campaigner Mary Whitehouse, and the anti-immigration MP, Enoch Powell).

  1. The Wit of Des O'Connor (6.4Mb)
  2. Guatemalan Midget (6.3Mb)
  3. Pigeon Fancier (6.3Mb)
  4. Carol Gibbons (6.3Mb)
  5. The Longest Joke (6.2Mb)
  6. Calling Z Victor 1 (6.3Mb)
  7. Miss Harpenden (6.3Mb)
  8. Twenty Four Canaries (6.3Mb)
  9. Lash the Galleons to the Mizzen (6.3Mb)
  10. Listen in Stereo (6.4Mb)
  11. Playing Woman's Parts (6.4Mb)
  12. Hello Christmas (13.2Mb)
  13. Caught My What In A Mangle? (6.4Mb)
  14. Give Me Liberty (6.5Mb)
  15. The Lady is a Tramp (6.4Mb)
  16. Mark of Sandhurst (6.3Mb)
  17. Gladys Swathley (6.4Mb)
  18. The Sixteenth Series (5.8Mb)
  19. String Vest of Infinity (6.3Mb)
  20. Tim Time (6.3Mb)
  21. Same Tune Backwards (6.2Mb)
  22. Denis King Hyperstar (6.1Mb)
  23. Cling Like Limpets (6Mb)
  24. Addie Minter (6.4Mb)
  25. Hello, Goodbye (6.2Mb)
  26. An Evening With Me (6.4Mb)
  27. Quiet Thought From Patience Strong (6.5Mb)
  28. Hello Summer (12.2Mb)
  29. Hello Christmas (20.3Mb)
  30. Eddie Waring's Hairpeice (6.3Mb)
  31. Answers to Last Week's Programmes (6.2Mb)
  32. Outbreak of Good Taste (6.2Mb)
  33. Dressing Room Near Studio (6.2Mb)
  34. I've Had a Good Idea (5.6Mb)
  35. Enid Ballsover (6.2Mb)
  36. The Rain in Spain (6.1Mb)
  37. Cheeky Digest (6.2Mb)
  38. Rupert Lump (6Mb)
  39. Trappist Monastery (6.2Mb)
  40. Got His Trousers On (6.1Mb)
  41. Cuddles Brooke-Taylor (6.3Mb)
  42. Come On Darling Get 'Em Off (6.1Mb)
  43. Sport (6.3Mb)
  44. Open Wound (6.3Mb)
  45. Man With a Soul So Dead (6.3Mb)
  46. Checked Out My 45s (6.3Mb)
  47. Spot the Ball (6.2Mb)
  48. If Music Be The Food Of Love (6.2Mb)
  49. Chorus Girl to Rescue (6.3Mb)
  50. Let's Go Forward Barry, Aye Aye Mush (5.3Mb)
  51. Hail Caesar (6.3Mb)
  52. Tattered Band of Khaki Figures (6.3Mb)
  53. My Dogs Got No Nose (6.3Mb)
  54. End Of The Next Programme (6.2Mb)
  55. At Last I've Done It (6.4Mb)
  56. To Be Or Not To Be (6.3Mb)
  57. Light Frothy Start (6.3Mb)
  58. In My Dressing Room (6.3Mb)
  59. Cheeky Whittington (9.8Mb)
  60. That's Better (6.2Mb)
  61. The Audience Are In (6.5Mb)
  62. Norman St. John Stevas (6.3Mb)
  63. Swings and Roundabouts (6.4Mb)
  64. Canteen Is Not What It Was (6.3Mb)
  65. Can I Borrow Your Wife? (6.2Mb)

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