Chief Inspector Dover

Six full-cast radio thrillers set in the 1960s and 70s
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Six full cast radio thrillers featuring Chief Inspector Wilfred Dover, Scotland Yard's most unwanted man. He's a cantankerous, dishevelled glutton, who's sent out of London to help other police forces solve local crimes along with his long-suffering 'gofer', Sergeant Charlie MacGregor. Despite his objectionable demeanour Dover has an uncanny knack of solving crimes.

In these radio dramas, set in the 1960s and '70s, he and his long-suffering sergeant, McGregor, investigate sinister cases of kidnap and murder. The first four plays are adapted from Joyce Porter's novels, while the latter two are original stories by Paul Mendelson based on her characters.

Dover Goes to Pott
The irascible chief inspector travels to the Yorkshire town of Pott Winckle to look into the murder of leading businessman Daniel Wibbley's daughter.

Dover and the Claret Tappers
When Dover is kidnapped, only to be released 36 hours later, he finds himself leading the hunt for a criminal gang. Can he catch them before they strike again?

Dover Beats the Band
A body is found at Didcaster dump, naked, burned and strangled. Dover follows the trail to Rankin's Holiday Ranch and an eccentric group of stamp collectors - but was the dead man really an innocent philatelist?

Dover and the Unkindest Cut of All
Dover's annual seaside break becomes a busman's holiday after his wife witnesses a policeman throwing himself off a cliff. Was it suicide, and is it linked to the recent murder of a local gangster?

Dover and the Sleeping Beauty
Isabel Slatcher has been in an irreversible coma for eight months after being shot outside her local church. Now she has been smothered to death. Are the shooter and the killer the same person, and if so, why did they wait till now to complete their evil deed?

Dover and the Smoking Gun
MacGregor takes compassionate leave to return to Glasgow for the funeral of an old flame. But was her death a tragic accident or foul play? Reluctant to leave London as usual, Dover heads north to help his grief-stricken colleague find out the truth.

Kenneth Cranham as Chief Inspector Dover
Stuart McQuarrie as Sergeant McGregor
Alexander Morton as Mr McGregor
Gordon Kennedy as Gourlay
Carolyn Bonnyman as Ettie Silver
Frances Grey as Laura Brand
Neil McKinven as Finlay Gemmell
Robert Blythe as Chief Constable McKay
Carla Simpson as Mildred Denny
Nicola Wainwright as Avril
Andy Harrison as John Perking
Liza Sadovy as Mrs Withycombe
Paul Copley as Daniel Wibbley
Carolyn Pickles as Mrs Carruthers
Joanna Tope as Dr Hirst/Nora Hull
Michael Mackenzie as Captain Maguire/Sven
Finlay McLean as Sir Egbert Rankin/Rupert Pettit
Nick Underwood as Inspector Telford/Osmond
Lucy Paterson as Sandra/Doreen Knapper
Samantha Young as Mavis/WPC Elvira Marchmount

Stories by Joyce Porter (1-4) and by Paul Mendelson (5-6)
Dramatised by Paul Mendelson
Produced and directed by David Ian Neville
First broadcast on BBC Radio 4 in 2003.

  1. Dover Goes to Pott (52.3Mb)
  2. Dover & the Claret Tappers (51.4Mb)
  3. Dover Beats the Band (52.2Mb)
  4. Dover & the Unkindest Cut of All (52.2Mb)
  5. Dover & the Sleeping Beauty (50.5Mb)
  6. Dover & the Smoking Gun (40Mb)

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