Matthew Shardlake
BBC dramatisation of CJ Sansom's Shardlake novels.


The first of C J Sansom's Shardlake novels, in which the crippled Tudor lawyer Matthew Shardlake is introduced.

Lawyer-detective Matthew Shardlake is sent to investigate a killing at a monastery. Which of the terrified monks is the murderer?

Dark Fire:

It is 1540 and the hottest summer of the sixteenth century. Matthew Shardlake, believing himself out of favour with Thomas Cromwell, is busy trying to maintain his legal practice and keep a discreet profile. But his involvement with a murder case, defending a girl accused of brutally murdering her young cousin, brings him once again into contact with the king's chief minister and a new assignment...

The secret of Greek Fire, the legendary substance with which the Byzantines destroyed the Arab navies, has been lost for centuries. Now an official of the Court of Augmentations has discovered the formula in the library of a dissolved London monastery. When Shardlake is sent to recover it, he finds the official and his alchemist brother brutally murdered the formula has disappeared.

Now Shardlake must follow the trail of Greek Fire across Tudor London, while trying at the same time to prove his young client's innocence. But very soon he discovers nothing is as it seems ..


England 1541. King Henry VIII has set out on a spectacular Royal Progress to York, aiming to strike fear and awe into his rebellious northern subjects. Lawyer Matthew Shardlake, and his assistant Barak, arrive in the city a day ahead of the 3,000-strong procession. Officially there to prepare petitions for the King, they have also been tasked with a secret mission by Archbishop Cranmer: to ensure the welfare of one of the northern conspirators, Sir Edward Broderick, who is to be brought back to London for questioning in the Tower.

Tensions are running high in the city, and soon Shardlake is called to investigate a suspicious death - and stumbles upon a daring plot that has the potential to shake England to its core.


1543 and a homicidal, religious maniac is on the loose, driven by images from the Book of Revelation. Shardlake is tasked with finding the killer.


Dramatisation of the fifth "Shardlake" novel. Shardlake and Barack are asked to look into a case by a servant of Catherine Parr, about to become the sixth wife of Henry VIII.

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