Classic Chandler
Toby Stephens plays wisecracking, hard-drinking, tough private eye Philip Marlowe

BBC Radio 4 dramatisations of all the Raymond Chandler Philip Marlowe novels, with Toby Stephens playing Philip Marlowe.

Underneath the wisecracking, hard-drinking, tough private eye, Marlowe is quietly contemplative and philosophical and enjoys chess and poetry. While he is not afraid to risk physical harm, he does not dish out violence merely to settle scores. Morally upright, he is not fooled by the genre's usual femmes fatales.

Chandler's treatment of the detective novel exhibits an effort to develop the form. His first full-length book, The Big Sleep, was published when Chandler was 51; his last, Playback when he was 70. Seven novels were produced in the last two decades of his life, with an eighth (Poodle Springs) being posthumously completed by Robert B. Parker and published years later.

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  3. Farewell My Lovely (0Mb)
  4. Playback (0Mb)
  5. The Long Goodbye (0Mb)
  6. The High Window (0Mb)
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