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1960s panel show from the BBC Home Service
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My Music was a radio panel show which premiered on the BBC Home Service on 3 January 1967. It was a companion programme to My Word! and like that show featured comic writers Denis Norden and Frank Muir. The show was last recorded in November 1993 and broadcast in January 1994, then rebroadcast until 2011.My Music followed My Word!'s pattern of two teams of two competing in a series of challenges, based this time on music rather than words. Again, the quiz element was subordinate to the entertainment. In later years, each episode featured a final round in which each contestant was required to sing a song, regardless of his vocal ability.These home recordings were made from radio broadcasts between 1999 and 2006.

  1. "A cast of only five" (32.4Mb)
  2. "A harmless quiz" (20.1Mb)
  3. "A large and enthusiastic audience will answer questions" (incomplete) (21.6Mb)
  4. "A little of what you fancy does you good" (33.5Mb)
  5. "A panel game of sorts" (27.3Mb)
  6. "A panel game won by Ian Wallace" (31.8Mb)
  7. no title (22.9Mb)
  8. "A quotation from Shakespeare's sonnets" (incomplete) (21.3Mb)
  9. "A scoring quiz in which nobody bothers much about the score" (incomplete) (20.6Mb)
  10. "A word, I pray you" (28.7Mb)
  11. "After a reminder of a few bars, tell us why" (21.1Mb)
  12. "All present and correct" (incomplete) (24.7Mb)
  13. "Another mind-boggling edition" (incomplete) (19.3Mb)
  14. "Bienvenue" (incomplete) (24.9Mb)
  15. "Break it to you gently" (30.7Mb)
  16. "Can you imagine how it must feel" (incomplete) (21.8Mb)
  17. "Don't hold it against me" (24.7Mb)
  18. "Four friends of mine" (22.3Mb)
  19. "Four gentlemen of rank and fashion" (23Mb)
  20. "Four golden oldies" (32.6Mb)
  21. "Four things in its favour" (incomplete) (20.4Mb)
  22. "From the magnificent Scottish capital" (32.6Mb)
  23. "Handel didnt accompany very well" (incomplete) (20.6Mb)
  24. "Here at the Commonwealth Institute" (28.2Mb)
  25. "Hippopotami" (incomplete) (25.9Mb)
  26. "I don't know whether it's good news or bad" (24.4Mb)
  27. "I hope you're going to enjoy this program" (incomplete) (23.8Mb)
  28. "I read the other day a review of a scholarly work" (22.8Mb)
  29. "I think it's very unlikely" (incomplete) (19.9Mb)
  30. "I'll just run through their names" (32.6Mb)
  31. "I'm glad to report there are no absentees" (22.8Mb)
  32. "I've said it before, and I find myself saying it again." (34.3Mb)
  33. "In case you haven't heard it before" (35.4Mb)
  34. "In no particular order of preference" (incomplete) (21.9Mb)
  35. "In the City Hall Theatre, Hong Kong" (34.5Mb)
  36. "It would be idle to deny" (poor quality) (29.6Mb)
  37. "It's a strange way to make a living" (22.8Mb)
  38. "It's my pleasure to welcome you" (incomplete) (7.2Mb)
  39. "Its four regular contestants" (29.9Mb)
  40. "Just in case you've led a sheltered life" (32.6Mb)
  41. "Let me introduce five famous people" (34.1Mb)
  42. "May I introduce four friends of mine" (incomplete) (20.6Mb)
  43. "May I present the big four" (34.7Mb)
  44. "Meet the old firm" (poor quality) (34Mb)
  45. "Music most people would find discordant" (incomplete) (42.7Mb)
  46. "Musical Giants (Each well over five foot two)" (45.4Mb)
  47. "Old friends are golden friends" (23.8Mb)
  48. "Once again it's My Music, once again it's my turn" (22.9Mb)
  49. "Once again it's time for the Royal Academy of Music to welcome some real musical experts" (incomplete) (21.3Mb)
  50. "Once again we bring you some musical enlightenment" (22Mb)
  51. "Once again we set off on the grand adventure" (34.7Mb)
  52. "Once again, My Music, with the cast unchanged." (24.4Mb)
  53. "Once again, the old firm" (10.8Mb)
  54. "One chairman reporting for duty" (incomplete) (24.5Mb)
  55. "Our four personality persons" (incomplete) (21.4Mb)
  56. "Our fruit and nut selection" (27.3Mb)
  57. "Referring, for some strange reason, to five of us" (33.6Mb)
  58. "Reporting for duty once again, the five man squad" (24.4Mb)
  59. "Reporting for duty, one complete cast" (22.8Mb)
  60. "Same old contestants" (36.3Mb)
  61. "Such a kind welcome" (incomplete) (15.3Mb)
  62. "Takes the air" (incomplete) (25.4Mb)
  63. "The cast in order of appearance" (30.4Mb)
  64. "The cast unchanged to protect the innocent" (incomplete) (29.3Mb)
  65. "The four hapless contestants" (incomplete) (28.3Mb)
  66. "The four trumpets of our theme music" (32.1Mb)
  67. "The great Edinburgh International Festival" (30.5Mb)
  68. "The management thinks you ought to know" (23Mb)
  69. "The scene: London" (28.6Mb)
  70. "The scene: the Commonwealth Institute in London" (23Mb)
  71. "There are six of us here" (22.9Mb)
  72. "This theater, the Westminster in London" (incomplete) (24.8Mb)
  73. "Thundering out of the untamed West Kensington" (23Mb)
  74. "To renew your acquaintance with four musical giants" (28.1Mb)
  75. "To the scene" (29.5Mb)
  76. "Two people whose business is music" (29.8Mb)
  77. "Two versus two" (31.4Mb)
  78. "We are in Scotland at the famous Peebles Hydro" (24.9Mb)
  79. "We are in Scotland. To be precise, at Peebles Hydro" (24.9Mb)
  80. "We have the familiar four" (21.5Mb)
  81. "We're all at an equal disadvantage" (incomplete) (14.6Mb)
  82. "We're in the Royal Academy of Music in Regent's Park" (33.8Mb)
  83. "We've been together for seventeen years" (24.8Mb)
  84. "What could be more symmetrical" (21.9Mb)
  85. "Why should I conceal the truth any longer" (32.2Mb)
  86. "Will you say hello again" (22.9Mb)
  87. "You always know who you're going to meet" (21Mb)
  88. "You might call them the usual" (31.7Mb)
  89. "You'll be expecting me to tell you" (24.9Mb)
  90. "fill-in phrases" (incomplete) (22.7Mb)
  91. Four Giants of Music (23.5Mb)
  92. Near Buckingham Palace (poor quality) (29.7Mb)
  93. "The red wine burns like fire" (fragment) (0.9Mb)

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