The Clock

1940s suspense anthology series
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The Clock is a radio suspense anthology series broadcast November 3, 1946 – May 23, 1948, on ABC. Narrated by Father Time, the 30-minute program was created by Lawrence Klee. It was first broadcast from New York with Clark Andrews as director featuring New York radio talent. Beginning with the March 4th, 1948 episode, ABC shifted production of the series to Hollywood, because director William Spier was available after he had left radio's "outstanding theater of thrills" Suspense on January 24.

The first show from Hollywood was called "Nicky." It guest starred Cathy Lewis and Elliott Lewis. William Conrad was the narrator. Other episodes featured Jeanette Nolan and Hans Conried. However, sponsorship was not forthcoming and ABC cancelled the series after twelve weeks. Spier was back as producer—but not director—of Suspense in 1949.

The Clock was originally a United States production. Starting in 1955, a version of the program was produced in Australia by Grace Gibson Productions.

  1. The Actor (5.5Mb)
  2. All the Money in the World (5.6Mb)
  3. The Story of John Littlefield (5.5Mb)
  4. One-Eyed Cat (5.5Mb)
  5. Jungle Drums (5.4Mb)
  6. Aunt Emmy (4.6Mb)
  7. The Hunter and the Hunted (5.1Mb)
  8. A Helping Hand (5.6Mb)
  9. Reference, Please (5.6Mb)
  10. Lively Ghost (6.1Mb)
  11. The Return of the Vanished Wife (5.4Mb)
  12. Spanglers (4.4Mb)
  13. The Bank Vault (4.3Mb)
  14. The Hitchhiker (5.6Mb)
  15. Dr Carter's Experiment (5.7Mb)
  16. The Man Who Lived Once Before (5.6Mb)
  17. The Good Valet (5.5Mb)
  18. Island of Women (5.6Mb)
  19. Pretty Cousin Amy (5.5Mb)
  20. Past or Present (5.6Mb)
  21. Man with the Strange Trunk (5.6Mb)
  22. Star-Crossed Lovers (5.4Mb)
  23. Hollywood Heartache (5.6Mb)
  24. The Criminal Mind (5.2Mb)
  25. Guilty as Always (5.3Mb)
  26. Only Death Is Timeless (5.7Mb)
  27. Angel With Two Faces (5.6Mb)
  28. Coming Events (5.1Mb)
  29. Island Paradise (5.2Mb)
  30. Thou Shalt Not Kill (4.5Mb)
  31. Behind the Mask (5.2Mb)
  32. The Hypnotist (5.4Mb)
  33. The Manicurist (6.1Mb)
  34. Gus Fowler (4.6Mb)
  35. Flaming Frances (4.9Mb)
  36. Ted and Cora (5.3Mb)
  37. Professor Leonard Higgens (5.1Mb)
  38. Don Miguel (5.1Mb)
  39. Mike's Dream (5.6Mb)
  40. Sea Story (5.1Mb)
  41. Ophelia (4.5Mb)
  42. Deadlier than the Male (6.2Mb)
  43. The Jekyll and Hyde Gangster (5.7Mb)
  44. Lefty and Delilah (5.3Mb)
  45. Hazel (5.8Mb)
  46. Natalie (5.6Mb)
  47. Leon (5.7Mb)
  48. Consuelo (5.3Mb)
  49. Eddie (6.6Mb)
  50. Lover Boy (5.4Mb)
  51. Gertrude (5.3Mb)
  52. Nicky (6.7Mb)
  53. Bad Dreams (6.4Mb)
  54. Bank Holiday (6Mb)
  55. Liz (5.9Mb)

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