I Was a Communist for the FBI

1950s radio drama series
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Following on the heels of the 1951 movie by the same name, Dana Andrews brought the show to radio in 1952. The show was a patriotic vehicle to warn against the evils of communism at a time when the tensions of the Cold War with the Soviet Union were ever-present. The show aired for a little over a year, and all but four episodes appear to have survived and are included here.

The radio version of I Was a Communist for the FBI consisted of 78 episodes syndicated by the Frederick W. Ziv Company to more than 600 stations, including KNX in Los Angeles, California, with original episodes running from March 30, 1952 to September 20, 1953. The program was made without the cooperation of the FBI. Real-life undercover agent Matt Cvetic was portrayed by Dana Andrews. The show had a budget of $12,000 per week, a very high cost to produce a radio show at the time

  1. I Walk Alone (13.7Mb)
  2. I Can't Sleep (10.1Mb)
  3. Little Red Schoolhouse (10.5Mb)
  4. Red Red Herring (10.4Mb)
  5. Pit Viper (10.7Mb)
  6. Traitors for Hire (11.9Mb)
  7. Card Game in the Clouds (12.3Mb)
  8. American Kremlin (12.5Mb)
  9. Tight Wire (10.4Mb)
  10. A Riot Made to Order (11.8Mb)
  11. Where the Red Men Roam (5.8Mb)
  12. The Dangerous Dollars (11.2Mb)
  13. Rich Man, Poor Man (26Mb)
  14. Canadian Crossfire (25.4Mb)
  15. Draw the Red Curtain (12.7Mb)
  16. Red Clouds on the Good Earth (6.3Mb)
  17. Exit on the Left (13.9Mb)
  18. The Red Record (25.7Mb)
  19. Burnt Offering (6Mb)
  20. Squeeze Play (6.3Mb)
  21. Violence Preferred (12.5Mb)
  22. The Rat Race (14.3Mb)
  23. Jump to the Whip (13.7Mb)
  24. Pennies from the Dead (13.9Mb)
  25. A Suit for the Party (12.2Mb)
  26. The Party Got Rough (25Mb)
  27. Little Boy Red (12.5Mb)
  28. The Unwelcome Hosts (12.4Mb)
  29. No Second Chance (12.8Mb)
  30. The Red Gate (13.2Mb)
  31. Red Rover, Red Rover (6.2Mb)
  32. Home Improvement (6.2Mb)
  33. Red Clay (13.7Mb)
  34. The Kiss of Death (6.3Mb)
  35. Treason Comes in Cans (12.2Mb)
  36. The Flames Burned Red (12.1Mb)
  37. Hate Song (9.3Mb)
  38. Little Boy Blue Turned Red (14Mb)
  39. Red Gold (9.4Mb)
  40. Charter City Square Dance (12.2Mb)
  41. A Study in Oils (11.9Mb)
  42. The Sleeper (25.4Mb)
  43. Against the Middle (6.2Mb)
  44. The Black Gospel (13.8Mb)
  45. The Red Ladies (12.4Mb)
  46. One Way Ticket (6.2Mb)
  47. Word Game (5.8Mb)
  48. The Red Waves (11.8Mb)
  49. Trial by Fear (6.3Mb)
  50. The Wrong Green (6.3Mb)
  51. The Brass Monkey (12.3Mb)
  52. Forged Faces (6.3Mb)
  53. An Unamerican Activity (12.9Mb)
  54. My Friend the Enemy (13.5Mb)
  55. The Canadian Backbone (12.7Mb)
  56. The Elspeth Club (13.1Mb)
  57. The Crossed Heart (13Mb)
  58. The Red Octopus (13.1Mb)
  59. Abby, as in Abbigale (25Mb)
  60. Tour of Duty (13.6Mb)
  61. Fifteen Minutes to Murder (25.1Mb)
  62. Use Only as Directed (12.9Mb)
  63. Double Exposure (12.4Mb)
  64. Courier of Disaster (12.3Mb)
  65. The Line Is Busy (25.2Mb)
  66. The Red Snow (25.3Mb)
  67. Very Private Funeral (25.5Mb)
  68. Rhapsody in Red (25.4Mb)
  69. Kangaroo Court (25.1Mb)
  70. The Inhuman Element (25.3Mb)
  71. Panic Plan (24.5Mb)
  72. No Visitors (24.5Mb)

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