Complete CBS D-Day Broadcasts

Hour-by-hour broadcasts from CBS radio on 6 June 1944.
from archive.org

archive.org comment by Graham W:

"To anyone with even the vaguest interest in 20th-Century history these recordings are an amazing archive. One hears in 'real time', moment by moment, the actual breaking news of the June 6 1944 D-Day landings--the beginning of the invasion of Europe by Allied Forces--just as CBS studios on the other side of the Atlantic received it.

From rumor to the first and accurate reports by Nazi wireless broadcasts, to shortwave radio news crossing the Atlantic, to the official Allied announcement of invasion, this cataclysmic and momentous WW-II event unfolds to us hour by hour with a frisson and thrill. Even from hindsight, we experience those extraordinary events with surprise and excitement, as did those CBS reporters who experienced them firsthand over sixty-five years ago."

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