The Constitution as a Poem

Burt Neubourne's Lectures on the Constitution
from cooper.edu

The Cooper Union is pleased to present free podcasts of Professor Burt Neuborne's remarkable 2012 John Jay Iselin Memorial Lecture Series, "Three Constitutions: Republican, Democratic and Consensus."

  1. Three Constitutions: Republican, Democratic and Consensus (138.6Mb)
  2. Democracy and the Constitution: A Dysfunctional Democracy Built by Judges (69.1Mb)
  3. Free Speech and the Constitution: Recovering Madison's Music (53.5Mb)
  4. Religious Freedom and Divine Madness (54.6Mb)
  5. The Second Amendment: A Modern Reading of the Right to Keep and Bear Arms (55.7Mb)
  6. Constitutional Equality: The Difficult Move from Form to Substance (84Mb)
  7. Criminal Procedure: Reading the Bill of Rights as a Poem (80.9Mb)
  8. Due Process of Law: The Three Meanings of Due Process (99.8Mb)
  9. Federalism and the Separation of Powers (90.5Mb)

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