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The old time radio espionage and thriller, David Harding Counterspy, was brought to life by radio legend Phillips H Lord. Lord was an old time radio powerhouse, responsible for such shows as Gangbusters, Mr. District Attorney, We the People, and many more.

Airing on the NBC Blue radio station (later becoming ABC) and the Mutual Network from 1942 to 1957, this show helped fill the need of radio listeners who wanted some WWII and post-WWII espionage. David Harding was the chief of US Counterspies, a fictional organization. US Counterspies was involved in all sorts of espionage and counter-espionage against Japan's Black Dragon, and Germany's Gestapo.

It has been hinted at, but not proven that Phillips Lord was involved in some sort of espionage, or government work himself. But that is just a rumor. What is true though is that Lord had unique access to the inner workings of our countries crime and intelligence agencies. This came about because of the cozy arrangement he had while doing the Gangbusters radio show. Gangbusters had had J. Edgar Hoover's blessing and help, and he had a good relationship with the mysterious Hoover. It's believed that through Phillips, some of the stories came about.

At the beginning of David Harding Counterspy the main enemies were Germany and Japan. But after World War II ended, David Harding got to tangle around a bit with the commies. David Harding Counterspy also solved crimes here in the US, from stolen car rings to drug smuggling, and everything in between.

The main character of David Harding was played by four different actors through the run of the show, and the main recurring character is Harry Peters, who was played by three different old time radio actors.

David Harding Counterspy had numerous sponsors over the years including Gulf Oil, Kraft Foods, Ex-Lax, etc., but the longest and most memorable is Pepsi-Cola. This old time radio espionage thriller had no problem getting sponsors. The scripts were good, and Counterspy was noted for the quality of the sound effects used. It also brought up some pretty interesting schemes, such as giving our cattle germs to spread disease. Another was putting a bomb in a dog's collar.

There were over 800 episodes of David Harding Counterspy produced, but sad to say, there are only 67 episodes left for us to listen to today. There was also a movie, David Harding Counterspy, that was released in 1950. If you get a chance to see it, it runs true to the old time radio series.

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  1. Washington Woman Spy aka Cherchez la Femme (27.2Mb)
  2. TCOT Border Invaders aka Nazis From Mexico (6.7Mb)
  3. TCOT Loganberry Point Spy (6.8Mb)
  4. TCOT Gasoline Barge (Counterfeit Gas Coupons) (23.8Mb)
  5. TCOT Industrial Spy Ring (27.3Mb)
  6. TCOT Confidential Messenger (27.6Mb)
  7. TCOT Kidnapped War Worker (5Mb)
  8. Washington Woman Spy aka Cherchez la Femme (27.3Mb)
  9. Explosive Dog aka The Case Of The Dog Of Dynamite (27.3Mb)
  10. Stolen Car Racket (Rehearsal) (30.5Mb)
  11. Continental Chase (Rehearsal -pt2 only -Pt.1 of a 2 part story) (8.6Mb)
  12. No Title Given (Rehearsal - Pt.2 only) (12.1Mb)
  13. The Housing Racket aka Bunko Builders (25.9Mb)
  14. Camera Happy Crook aka Photogenic Crook (26.3Mb)
  15. The Recruited Nurse (26.8Mb)
  16. TCOT Mexican Rancho (7.9Mb)
  17. TCOT Poison Peddler (26.9Mb)
  18. TCOT Blackmailed Hijacker (26.8Mb)
  19. TCOT Murmured Millions (26.9Mb)
  20. Statue of Death (26.7Mb)
  21. Desert Explosion (26.9Mb)
  22. Bouncing Bank Robber (26.8Mb)
  23. Murdering Messenger (26.8Mb)
  24. Cold Blooded Professor Pt1 (27.1Mb)
  25. Cold Blooded Professor Pt2 (27Mb)
  26. Arrogant Arsonist (27.2Mb)
  27. Courageous Come-on (27.2Mb)
  28. Flatbush Fagin (27.1Mb)
  29. Hot Car Killer (27.1Mb)
  30. Postal Pirates Pt1 (27.1Mb)
  31. Postal Pirates Pt2 (27.1Mb)
  32. Visiting Vultures (27.2Mb)
  33. Vicious Visitor (27Mb)
  34. Sweepstakes Murder (27.2Mb)
  35. The Case of the Genuine Counterfeit (26.9Mb)
  36. Case of the Society Swindler (27.1Mb)
  37. Case of the High Class Hijacker (27.1Mb)
  38. The Case of the Photograph Furrier (26.9Mb)
  39. The Case of the International Intrigue (27.1Mb)
  40. The Case Of The Counterfeit Traveler's Checks (23.7Mb)
  41. Magic Murder (26.6Mb)
  42. Case of the Mile High Murders (26.3Mb)
  43. TCOT Hoodlum's Hero (9.2Mb)
  44. Fabulous Formula Pt1 (6.7Mb)
  45. Fabulous Formula Pt2 (6.9Mb)
  46. Case of the Hijacked Country (5.5Mb)
  47. Murdered Confessor (25.3Mb)
  48. Soaring Saucer (7Mb)
  49. Crystalline Double Cross (6.4Mb)
  50. Tattooed Eye (5.5Mb)
  51. The Case of the Foolish Father (6.9Mb)
  52. Case of the Foreign Fires (25.7Mb)
  53. Case of the Foreign Fires (38.5Mb)
  54. The Case of the Curious Conspiracy (6.7Mb)
  55. The Case of the Insidious Impersonation (26.3Mb)
  56. Case of the Carbon Consul (39.4Mb)
  57. The Case of the Stolen Secret (39.2Mb)
  58. The Case of the Pseudo Spuds (38.7Mb)
  59. The Case of the Hideous Hijacker (27.1Mb)
  60. The Case of the Spectrograph (28.2Mb)
  61. The Case of the Infiltrating Agent (25.6Mb)
  62. The Case of the Invisible Insurrectionist (39.3Mb)
  63. The Case of the Pretty Plant (26.1Mb)
  64. The Case of the Kleptomaniac Clues (25.7Mb)
  65. The Case of the Captured Contact (22.1Mb)
  66. Case of the Double Crossing Defender (26.3Mb)
  67. The Fight Against Narcotics (6.9Mb)
  68. The Case of the Corrupt Counselor (26.8Mb)
  69. The Case of the Diamond Thieves (27.1Mb)
  70. Maisie the Barfly (5.3Mb)
  71. Flanagan Sisters Corn Syrup Company Coverup (21.3Mb)

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