Charles Paris Mystery Omnibus
Bill Nighy stars as actor-cum-amateur-sleuth in the stories by Simon Brett

Bill Nighy played Paris in a series of BBC Radio productions. The first, an adaptation of So Much Blood for The Saturday Play in 1999, was recorded on location at its Edinburgh Fringe setting. A Series of Murders followed as another Saturday Play in 2004, leading into a number of half-hour serials which began with Sicken and So Die (2006) and continued with Murder Unprompted (2007) and The Dead Side of the Mike (2008), with So Much Blood apparently happening between the last two serials. These serials have all been updated from the novels, and adapted to deal with continuity problems caused by the adaptations being made out of order in relation to the books, with later adaptations featuring more far-reaching changes to the central mysteries.

Cast, In Order of Disappearance, again starring Nighy as Paris, began airing on Friday 29 January 2010 on BBC Radio 4. From 26 February, its slot was taken for three weeks by an original series from Brett. A three-hour I Did It My Way programme featuring Brett's work was rebroadcast by BBC Radio 7 on Saturday 20 February 2010, including a repeat of A Series of Murders.

This was followed by Murder in the Title (2010) which aired weekly from 22 November to 13 December 2010. Nighy returned to the role in A Reconstructed Corpse (2012). Other recurring cast members include Jon Glover as Charles's agent Maurice, and Suzanne Burden as his estranged wife Frances. On 5 December 2012 a 4-part adaptation of An Amateur Corpse began on Radio 4; Nighy and Burden again played Charles and Frances. A tenth story starring Bill Nighy as Charles began broadcast on 25 June 2014; this 4-part adaptation of Corporate Bodies also stars Suzanne Burden as Frances.

  1. A Series Of Murders (2004) (53.9Mb)
  2. Sicken & So Die (2006) (97.4Mb)
  3. So Much Blood (1999) (52Mb)
  4. Murder Unprompted (2007) (101.1Mb)
  5. Dead Side Of The Mic (2008) (103.4Mb)
  6. Cast In Order Of Disappearance (2010) (102.7Mb)
  7. Murder In The Title (2010) (98.2Mb)
  8. A Reconstructed Corpse (2012) (100.8Mb)
  9. An Amateur Corpse (2012) (101.4Mb)
  10. Corporate Bodies (2014) (99Mb)
  11. The Cinderella Killer (2016) (102.3Mb)
  12. Star Trap (2019) (101.9Mb)

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