Crazy Big Fish

The adventures of five members of a Hull amateur theatre company
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Can five everyday Hull women overcome the barriers and fulfil their dreams upon the stage? Stars Deborah McAndrew. From 2000.

The adventures of five everyday Hull women as they struggle with learning lines, grumpy parents, stiletto heels and a poorly pet

An uplifting six-part series by Gill Adams about being extraordinary and ordinary all at once.

Stars Deborah McAndrew as Rita, Ruth Holden as Gladys, Rachel Davies as Pauline, Katy Cavanagh as Sandy, Sally Walsh as Babs and Terence Mann as Billy.

Director: Polly Thomas

First broadcast on 2000.

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  1. E1, Fish Is Back In Hull (unknown file size)
  2. E2, A Dogs Life (unknown file size)
  3. E3, Sister Are Doing It For Themselves (unknown file size)
  4. E4, We Will Survive (unknown file size)
  5. E5, We Are Family (unknown file size)
  6. E6 Crazy For Trying (unknown file size)

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