Dangerous Assignment

NBC espionage drama series from the 1950s
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Dangerous Assignment was an NBC radio drama starring Brian Donlevy broadcast in the US 1949–1953.

Donlevy played Steve Mitchell, international operative whose had two jobs. Get in and out of danger. Donlevy had the voice and delivery to make the show sound plausible, even if it was routine Cold War brush fire stuff. Herb Butterfield was the Commissioner, a taskmaster shrouded in secrecy who served up the situations that Mitchell seems never to refuse. The Commissioner's secretary is played by Betty Moran. She actually seems to care about the Steve's welfare. The Commissioner is just concerned about the fare.

The worldwide locations are dealt up with a feeling of local, and the characters that inhabit these faraway places with strange sounding names are solid and capably acted by veterans. Music is an almost harsh orchestra. Donlevy carries the plots with a world-weary and wary tone that makes sense, based on his occupation.

Though not top-drawer adventure like Escape, nor character more fully developed like The Third Man, The Lives of Harry Lime (and not having the benefit of decades to develop or great talent like these two did), Dangerous Assignment carries enough radio punch to keep the fan of tough-guys

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  1. Relief Supplies (26.9Mb)
  2. Sunken Ships (26.7Mb)
  3. Nigerian Safari (27.7Mb)
  4. Millionaire Murders (26.9Mb)
  5. Alien Smuggling Ring (26.8Mb)
  6. Dangerous_Assignment_49-08-20_007_File_#307 (27Mb)
  7. Missing Japanese Weapons (26.7Mb)
  8. Captain Rock (26.9Mb)
  9. The Greek Connection (26.8Mb)
  10. Wire Spool (26.8Mb)
  11. International Blackmail (26.7Mb)
  12. The Sheik's Secret (27Mb)
  13. Pirate Loot (26.9Mb)
  14. UFOs In Ecuador (26.9Mb)
  15. The Nazi And The Physicist (26.9Mb)
  16. Sabotage in Paris (26.8Mb)
  17. Lecturing Professors (26.8Mb)
  18. The Lost City (26.7Mb)
  19. Burmese Witnesses (26.8Mb)
  20. Little White Pill (27Mb)
  21. Deadly Bacteria (26.8Mb)
  22. Five Gardenias (26.9Mb)
  23. Vienna Mystery (26.9Mb)
  24. Death Drums (26.8Mb)
  25. Hired Killer (26.9Mb)
  26. Bombay Gun Runners (26.8Mb)
  27. Guided Missile Plans (26.9Mb)
  28. Assignment Mine Disaster (26.8Mb)
  29. Trained Seal (26.8Mb)
  30. Latin America (27Mb)
  31. Forged Papers (26.9Mb)
  32. Tokyo (26.9Mb)
  33. Memory Chain (27.3Mb)
  34. The Football Play (11.4Mb)
  35. The Empty Matchbook (26.8Mb)
  36. Berlin Kidnapping (26.9Mb)
  37. Assignment Richmond (26.1Mb)
  38. Assignment Eastern Europe (26.9Mb)
  39. Anti-Sub Plans (26.9Mb)
  40. Missing Scientist (26.7Mb)
  41. Mighty Powder Puff (26.8Mb)
  42. A Box of Busted Bells (27Mb)
  43. Nazi Fugitive (26.8Mb)
  44. Kroner Cutlass (26.8Mb)
  45. The Bronx - The Nazi Buzz Bomb (26.9Mb)
  46. London - The Secret Code (26.9Mb)
  47. Roquel - Steve's Murder (16.7Mb)
  48. Macau (26.8Mb)
  49. The Canal Zone - A Piece of String (26.8Mb)
  50. The Balkans - File 72 (27Mb)
  51. Middle East - A Tray Of Dirty Dishes (27Mb)
  52. Pen Mightier Than The Sword (27Mb)
  53. Assignment The Balkans (26.3Mb)
  54. Find Rudolf Karpel (26.9Mb)
  55. Needle In a Haystack (27Mb)
  56. Operation Hot Foot (27Mb)
  57. Assignment Japan (27Mb)
  58. The Suspicious Cylinder (27Mb)
  59. South America - A Country's Democracy Threatened (27Mb)
  60. Assignment China Sea (27Mb)
  61. Nazi Fugitive - Captain Shiller (26.8Mb)
  62. Java (27Mb)
  63. Dangerous_Assignment_52-03-10_100_Eli_Bryant,_Traitor (22.3Mb)
  64. Underground Press (22.5Mb)
  65. To Ask A Guy To Shoot You (22.4Mb)
  66. Butterfly Chasers (22.5Mb)
  67. Havana (33.4Mb)
  68. The Smuggling Racket (21.7Mb)
  69. Assignment Turkey (11.5Mb)
  70. The Private Sanatorium (11.4Mb)
  71. A Nursery Rhyme (11.5Mb)
  72. Nice - Italian Actress (11.3Mb)
  73. Attacking Guards (33.9Mb)
  74. Assignment Turkey (11.7Mb)
  75. Lecturing Professors (5.4Mb)
  76. Street Car 17 (5.4Mb)
  77. Assignment Ellis Chandler (33.5Mb)
  78. The Blue Lion (5.5Mb)
  79. Assignment Mexico (22.9Mb)
  80. Assignment Greece (33.1Mb)
  81. Family Squabble (22.9Mb)
  82. Doctor MacDougal (23.1Mb)
  83. Black Market In Jewels (24Mb)
  84. Henrich Swindorff (23.2Mb)
  85. Ghost Ship (33.5Mb)
  86. Stolen Information (34Mb)
  87. Assignment in Portugal (33.5Mb)
  88. Assignment Caribbean (22.2Mb)
  89. Assignment Paris (5.5Mb)
  90. Lenny Fenway (8.9Mb)
  91. London - Nikoli Debarov (5.4Mb)
  92. The Anti-Submarine Project (23Mb)
  93. Assignment Trieste (4.9Mb)
  94. The Jade Knife (22.8Mb)
  95. Oslo - The Stolen Blueprints (11.2Mb)
  96. A Hired Assassin (5.2Mb)
  97. James Stroller (5.5Mb)
  98. Anthony Tagul (22.2Mb)
  99. Picking Up A Bomb (22.5Mb)

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