Daphne du Maurier short stories

BBC Radio readings and dramatisations
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1988-12-31 The Old Man
Read by Anna Massey. The family shuns people. He rules the roost, speaks strangely, forever gazing out to sea. She never speaks. And one day the children vanish... Originally part of BBC Radio's Short Shocks -- four weird tales. Produced by Duncan Minshull

1995-05-13 The Years Between
In the early 1940s, Diana Wentworth's MP husband, Michael, is reported missing, presumed killed in action. Once over the shock, she builds a new life - taking over Michael's seat in parliament, and falling in love with a much more suitable man. But on the eve of their wedding, a phone call brings shattering news....

2001-12-09 Don't Look Now
John and Laura Bennett are on holiday in Venice, trying to get over the tragic death of their daughter. They seem to be succeeding, until a blind psychic starts relaying messages from beyond the grave... Daphne du Maurier's classic tale of slow-dawning terror first published in 1971.

2018-04-29 La Sainte Vierge
Marie's prayers for the safety of her fisherman husband are answered by a miracle. Classic story read by Lin Sagovsky.

  1. The Old Man (22.7Mb)
  2. The Years Between (122.3Mb)
  3. Don't Look Now (48.1Mb)
  4. La Sainte Vierge (28.3Mb)

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