Daredevils of Hollywood

Dramatised anecdotes from 1930s Hollywood stunt performers
from archive.org

1938 old-time radio series "Daredevils of Hollywood", recounting some of the more dangerous stunts of Hollywood stuntmen and women.

  1. Bob Rose (11.2Mb)
  2. Cliff Lyons (10Mb)
  3. Ione Reed (11.9Mb)
  4. Slim Talbot (12.2Mb)
  5. Matt Gilman (11.9Mb)
  6. Bob Clark (12.1Mb)
  7. Frank McGrath (11.8Mb)
  8. Kansas Moehring (11.7Mb)
  9. Ione Reed (11.6Mb)
  10. Cecil Kellogg (11.8Mb)
  11. Matt Gilman (11.7Mb)
  12. Aileen Goodwin (11.5Mb)
  13. Slim Talbot (11.7Mb)
  14. Bob Clark (11.9Mb)
  15. Ken Cooper (11.5Mb)
  16. Ione Reed (11.6Mb)
  17. Matt Gilman (11.4Mb)
  18. Yakima Canutt (11.9Mb)
  19. Frank Clarke (11.9Mb)
  20. Gordon Carveth (11.8Mb)
  21. Frank McGrath (11.6Mb)
  22. Kansas Moehring (11.8Mb)
  23. Aileen Goodwin (11.7Mb)
  24. Cecil Kellogg (11.7Mb)
  25. Matt Gilman (8.4Mb)
  26. Ione Reed (11.5Mb)

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