Daves of Thunder

Comedy podcast by Dave Dameshek and David Feeney
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Daves of Thunder was a comedy podcast featuring Dave Dameshek and David Feeney. The co-hosts were joined by a family of characters including Jacuzzi Pete, Blaster Girl, Pizza Jack, Doubleton the Butler, and many others in the Daves of Thunder Players.

The line between scripted comedy and reality was often blurred in this show and it was difficult for listeners to determine what was "real." The show also featured many inside jokes including Dameshek's propensity to list items in
order of desirability, particularly mustards, Feeney's love of a perfectly scripted comedic bit, Jacuzzi Pete's mixed feelings on 9/11, Dameshek's webbed feet, and Blaster Girl's affinity for marijuana.

The show had a run of 63 episodes over a span of almost a full year. The first episode aired on 14 March 2010 and the last show was released on 28 February 2011.

There are episodes missing here & I fully intended to 'plug the gaps' as soon as possible.

  1. Episode 101 (20.8Mb)
  2. Episode 102 (25.5Mb)
  3. Episode 103 (32.7Mb)
  4. Episode 104 (27.9Mb)
  5. Episode 105 (38.2Mb)
  6. Episode 106 (27.1Mb)
  7. Episode 107 (27Mb)
  8. Episode VIII (20.3Mb)
  9. Episode 109 (23.8Mb)
  10. Episode X (22.9Mb)
  11. Episode 111 (36.5Mb)
  12. Ep 112 (44Mb)
  13. Episode 113 (52.9Mb)
  14. Episode XIV (47.8Mb)
  15. Ep XV (6.9Mb)
  16. Ep XVI (34.7Mb)
  17. EP XVII (42.1Mb)
  18. Ep XVIII (13.8Mb)
  19. Ep XIX (39.1Mb)
  20. Ep XX (23Mb)
  21. Ep XXI (36.2Mb)
  22. Ep XXII (18.3Mb)
  23. Ep XXIII (44Mb)
  24. Ep XXIV (25.8Mb)
  25. Ep XXV (47.6Mb)
  26. XVII (21.6Mb)
  27. Ep XXVII (46.4Mb)
  28. XVIII (50.8Mb)
  29. XXIX (23.1Mb)
  30. XXX (39.5Mb)
  31. XXXI (29.2Mb)
  32. XXXII (39.5Mb)
  33. XXXIII (34.7Mb)
  34. Ep XXXIV (45.6Mb)
  35. Ep XXXV (31.2Mb)
  36. XXXVI (42.3Mb)
  37. XXXVII (38.8Mb)
  38. Ep XXXVIII (49.7Mb)
  39. XXXIX (32.6Mb)
  40. XL (42.5Mb)
  41. Ep XLI (22.4Mb)
  42. Ep XLII (45.9Mb)

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