DCI Stone
Gritty dramas featuring Hugo Speer as the Manchester detective

DCI Stone

Twenty six detective dramas featuring DCI John Stone.
Created by Danny Brocklehurst - individual episodes written by different writers

Broadcast on BBC Radio 4 in 6 series between 2009 and 2016.

  1. Mary Shane (52.7Mb)
  2. The Ties that Bind (52.6Mb)
  3. Dead Fishes (52.5Mb)
  4. God's Witness (52.4Mb)
  5. The Deserved Dead (39.9Mb)
  6. Collateral Damage (39.9Mb)
  7. The Bridge (40Mb)
  8. In The Night (40Mb)
  9. Sleep Tight (40.5Mb)
  10. Demons (40.4Mb)
  11. Taken (40.7Mb)
  12. One of Our Own (40.7Mb)
  13. Something to Do (40.2Mb)
  14. Blood (40.1Mb)
  15. Heart of Darkness (40Mb)
  16. Mother Love (40Mb)
  17. White Van (40.3Mb)
  18. Dirt (40.3Mb)
  19. Blood Money (60.4Mb)
  20. A Cut Above (60.4Mb)
  21. Progress (59.9Mb)
  22. Broken (81.1Mb)
  23. Disclosure (41.1Mb)
  24. Wishing Well (40Mb)
  25. Casualties (40.2Mb)
  26. Damage (40.2Mb)

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