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Detective drama
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DCI StoneTwenty six detective dramas featuring DCI John Stone.Created by Danny Brocklehurst - individual episodes written by different writersBroadcast on BBC Radio 4 in 6 series between 2009 and 2016.Series 1:Mary Shane  by Danny Brocklehurst The disappearance of a teenage girl triggers 80-year-old Mary to confess to three brutal murders committed in the 1940s, but will DCI Stone believe her?  Broadcast Friday 6th March 2009Mary Shane : Anne ReidDCI Stone : Hugo SpeerKate : Suranne JonesCatriona : Zoe HenryTanner : Craig CheethamSally : Danielle HenryJack Leary : James NickersonKen :Terence MannRyan : Aidan ParsonsDirector Nadia Molinari.The Ties that Bind  by Damian WaylingWhen a body dredged up from a lake implicates an ex-police officer and a respected headteacher, DCI Stone has a difficult decision to make as he discovers the real truth that lies behind the murder.  Broadcast Friday 13th March 2009Stone : Hugo SpeerCatriona : Zoe HenryThomas : Rob PickavanceSally : Danielle HenryTanner : Craig CheethamChloe / DS Addison : Maxine BurthTyler : Reece Noi Wise : James NickersonPiotra / Lawler : Greg WoodDirector Nadia Molinari.Dead Fishes  by Chloe MossA young man with Down's syndrome admits to killing his mother. Then a woman turns up claiming that he was with her on the day that his mother was killed. Stone must discover who is lying and why.  Broadcast Friday 20th March 2009Stone : Hugo SpeerEammon : Tommy JessopJacqueline : Christine BrennanTanner : Craig CheethamCatriona : Zoe HenryDavid : Andrew GroseJay : Andrew WhiteheadWeeks : Luke BroughtonDirector Stefan Escreet.God's Witness  by Danny BrocklehurstA woman witnesses the murder of a young boy by a notorious gang and chooses to speak up, but can she really risk her safety and that of her family?  Broadcast Friday 27 March 2009Stone : Hugo SpeerPaula : Maxine PeakeLiz / Sue : Deborah McAndrewRay : Tony MooneyAnna / Shirley : Fiona ClarkeKyle / Michael : Oliver LeeTanner : Craig CheethamCatriona : Zoe HenryNed : James QuinnDirector Nadia Molinari.

  1. Mary Shane (52.7Mb)
  2. The Ties that Bind (52.6Mb)
  3. Dead Fishes (52.5Mb)
  4. God's Witness (52.4Mb)
  5. The Deserved Dead (39.9Mb)
  6. Collateral Damage (39.9Mb)
  7. The Bridge (40Mb)
  8. In The Night (40Mb)
  9. Sleep Tight (40.5Mb)
  10. Demons (40.4Mb)
  11. Taken (40.7Mb)
  12. One of Our Own (40.7Mb)
  13. Something to Do (40.2Mb)
  14. Blood (40.1Mb)
  15. Heart of Darkness (40Mb)
  16. Mother Love (40Mb)
  17. White Van (40.3Mb)
  18. Dirt (40.3Mb)
  19. Blood Money (60.4Mb)
  20. A Cut Above (60.4Mb)
  21. Progress (59.9Mb)
  22. Broken (81.1Mb)
  23. Disclosure (41.1Mb)
  24. Wishing Well (40Mb)
  25. Casualties (40.2Mb)
  26. Damage (40.2Mb)

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