Deep Night

CBC Radio horror anthology
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DEEP NIGHT was a horror anthology produced by the CBC in the summer of 2005. It was part of their Monday Playbill series (though it ran on Friday nights) and was supposed to run for 10 weeks (but ultimately only ran for 7). The individual episodes mostly feature strong writing and production, but as a series it's a bit of a hodgepodge -- episodes "Someone Just For Me," "Man Radio" and "Ice Screams" had originally run the year before on CBC Sunday Showcase's WINTER'S TALES and the episode "Birth" was actually a pilot for a new CBC science fiction anthology called EMANATIONS (which doesn't seem to have ultimately made it to air). Still, if you're a fan of NIGHTFALL or VANISHING POINT, you'll find a lot to love here.

These are the best quality files I could track down -- mostly 64kbps Mp3s -- so if anyone happens to have better versions, I'd really love to hear them. Here are the episodes:

2005-07-01 Someone Just for Me
Written by Michael O'Brien
Julie Stewart (Cold Squad) plays a lawyer who gets a call from someone she had long forgotten about, a childhood acquaintance with a history of psychological disturbances. Sharon needs to talk to Maureen about an episode from their past, a cruel prank turned sinister, that has had very disturbing results for her.

2005-07-08 Birth
Written by Robert J. Sawyer and Michael Lennick
An extraordinary tale of two births: one the first human on Mars, the other a collection of tiny robots that achieve consciousness, with life-threatening consequences.

2005-07-15 The Intercom
Written by Gail Collins
A defunct apartment intercom becomes an aural gateway to the past, and a cry for help from a previous tenant who was brutally murdered.

2005-07-22 Pig and Pepper
Written by Emma Roberts
Three friends go cross-country skiing to escape their big city lives for a weekend. What they encounter in the woods is vastly more terrifying - and lethal - than anything they could possibly experience at home.

2005-07-29 Man Radio
Written by Leslie Mildiner
A shock jock, who has made a career of shredding his guests and vandalizing the night with his radio theater of cruelty, finds it's true that what goes around, comes around.

2005-08-05 Ice Screams
Written by Drew Hayden Taylor
Ryan is terrified of the lake. Not surprising, given that he barely escaped drowning one winter when the car he and his parents were in, crossing the lake on an ice road, went through the ice. Now, as the sixteenth anniversary of his parent's death approaches, he is prepared to master his fear. But perhaps in his case,the childhood terror of what lurks in the icy depths is entirely justified.

2005-08-12 Bonehouse
Written by Kendra Fanconi
A teenage boy attempts to escape his repressive small town, only to be dragged back and subjected to worse and worse punishment. Little does he know that the secrets he thinks he knows about the townspeople are nothing compared to the fate they have in store for him.

  1. 2005-07-01 Someone Just for Me (31.7Mb)
  2. 2005-07-08 Birth (16.1Mb)
  3. 2005-07-15 The Intercom (16.1Mb)
  4. 2005-07-22 Pig and Pepper (16.1Mb)
  5. 2005-07-29 Man Radio (16.1Mb)
  6. 2005-08-05 Ice Screams (16.1Mb)
  7. 2005-08-12 Bonehouse (16.1Mb)

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