Designing Freedom

The 1973 CBC Massey Lectures from Stafford Beer
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Essays from Stafford Beer's Designing Freedom, read by the author for Canadian Broadcasting Corporation in 1973.
Description from CBC Radio:
Distinguished cyberneticist Stafford Beer states the case for a new science of systems theory and cybernetics. His essays examine such issues as "The Real Threat to All We Hold Most Dear," "The Discarded Tools of Modern Man," "A Liberty Machine in Prototype," "Science in the Service of Man," "The Future That Can Be Demanded Now," "The Free Man in a Cybernetic World." Designing Freedom ponders the possibilities of liberty in a cybernetic world.

  1. The Real Threat to "All We Hold Most Dear" (27.2Mb)
  2. The Disregarded Tools of Modern Man (27.9Mb)
  3. A Liberty Machine in Prototype (30.2Mb)
  4. Science in the Service of Man (27.4Mb)
  5. The Future That Can Be Demanded Now (29.7Mb)
  6. The Free Man in the Cybernetic World (32.1Mb)

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