Deep Station Emerald
Joe Turner's futuristic undersea thriller

Joe Turner's four-part drama is a futuristic undersea thriller

The crew of a research base on the ocean floor discovers a source of cold fusion, the solution to all the world's energy problems. Elation turns to terror, however, when a series of 'accidents' causes several deaths, and a strange virus which mutates DNA is loosed... obviously, someone on board is a killer...

Director: Martin Jameson
Music by Paul Cargill
Rossi: Maureen Beattie
Kettle: Tom Georgeson
Captain Harris: Danny Webb
O'Connor: Ricky Tomlinson

1: Five Miles Down.
The year is 2012. Ellie Rossi, crack sub pilot, is making the 5-mile drive to join the maverick crew of N-Chem's research station at the bottom of the Atlantic.

With Lorelei King , Maurice Roeves , Rod Arthur , Cliff Howells and Chris Pavlo.

2: Conspiracy.
Frosty has been killed in a freak drilling accident.
Dr Beverly Crenshaw: Lorelei King
with Maurice Roeves. Rod Arthur and Chris Pavlo

3: Heat.
Higgs has been murdered and Deep Station is on automatic shutdown.
Sherwood: Maurice Roeves

4: And Then There Were Three.
Each surviving member of the crew is convinced that one of the others is the killer...

A whodunit which comes across much like an Alistair Maclean thriller. Tense, gripping, with excellent writing, acting, and sound effects. Beyond the idea of an undersea habitat, there is very little here that is particularly futuristic. The most unusual aspect of the story involves a man-made virus which mutates its victims into psychopathic quasi-humans, a plot device which seemed unnecessary—the story could easily have been told without it. Nevertheless, I found it suspenseful, engaging, and well-plotted. If you're a fan of the film "The Abyss", you'll likely enjoy this one. --- Jeff Dickson.

Four Episodes
OTX BBC Radio 4 FM
1 August 1996 23.00
11 1 17

  1. 01 Five Miles Down (32.8Mb)
  2. 02 Conspiracy (32.4Mb)
  3. 03 Heat (33.1Mb)
  4. 04 And Then There Were Three (33.1Mb)

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