The Destruction Factor

Sci-fi thriller about a newly-developed plant species
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The Destruction Factor is a 1978 BBC radio play written by James Follett and starring T. P. McKenna, Paul Copley and Rosalind Adams.

Agriculturist Ralph Exon has created a new strain of Soya Bean plant, (dubbed "The Exon Strain") in an effort to alleviate famine in the Third world. The plant is remarkably hardy and efficient - growing over two feet in the space of half an hour under almost any conditions. However, it has an unexpected side effect.

  1. The Seeds of Creation (25.5Mb)
  2. The Devil's Harvest (25.6Mb)
  3. The Wings Of Azreal (25.5Mb)
  4. Birdstrike (25.7Mb)
  5. Search and Destroy (25.4Mb)
  6. World Without Fire (25.3Mb)

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