Dick Barton - Special Agent

1972 remake of the BBC Light Programme adventure series
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The serial followed the adventures of ex-Commando Captain Richard Barton MC (Noel Johnson, later Duncan Carse and Gordon Davies) who, with his mates Jock Anderson (Alex McCrindle) and Snowy White (John Mann), solved all sorts of crimes, escaped from dangerous situations, and saved the nation from disaster time and again.

  1. The Cave of Secrets (3Mb)
  2. Formula for Death (3.3Mb)
  3. The Treacherous Invitation (3.1Mb)
  4. The Nest of Rats (3.4Mb)
  5. Interrogating Archie (3.2Mb)
  6. The Stand-Off (3.3Mb)
  7. The Feminine Touch (3.1Mb)
  8. In the Crosshairs (3.2Mb)
  9. Evil in the Air (3.1Mb)
  10. The Flag of Deception (3.1Mb)

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