Let George Do It

1940s detective drama starring Bob Bailey
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Let George Do It was a radio drama series produced by Owen and Pauline Vinson from 1946 to 1954. It starred Bob Bailey as detective-for-hire George Valentine (with Olan Soule stepping into the role in 1954).

Clients came to Valentine's office after reading a newspaper carrying his classified ad:

Personal notice: Danger's my stock in trade. If the job's too tough for you to handle, you've got a job for me. George Valentine.

The few earliest episodes were more sitcom than private eye shows, with a studio audience providing scattered laughter at the not-so-funny scripts. Soon the audience was banished, and George went from stumbling comedic hero to tough guy private eye and the music from wah-wah-wah to suspenseful. Valentine's secretary was Claire Brooks, aka Brooksie (Frances Robinson, Virginia Gregg, Lillian Buyeff). As Valentine made his rounds in search of the bad guys, he usually encountered Brooksie's kid brother, Sonny (Eddie Firestone), Lieutenant Riley (Wally Maher) and elevator man Caleb (Joseph Kearns). For the first few shows, Sonny was George's assistant, but he was soon relegated to an occasional character.

Sponsored by Standard Oil, the program was broadcast on the West Cast Mutual Broadcasting System from October 18, 1946 to September 27, 1954, first on Friday evenings and then on Mondays. In its last season, transcriptions were aired in New York, Wednesdays at 9:30pm, from January 20, 1954 to January 12, 1955.

John Hiestand was the program's announcer. Don Clark directed the scripts by David Victor and Jackson Gillis. The background music was supplied by Eddie Dunstedter, initially with a full orchestra. When television supplanted radio as the country's primary home entertainment, radio budgets got skimpier and skimpier and Dunstedter's orchestra was replaced by an organ.

  1. There Ain't No Justice (12.5Mb)
  2. Portrait of a Suicide (unknown file size)
  3. Prairie Dog (12.5Mb)
  4. Tonight the Mayhem's Going to be Different (12.5Mb)
  5. The Eight Ball (12.6Mb)
  6. Every Shot Counts (unknown file size)
  7. The Anthill (unknown file size)
  8. Touched By An Angel (unknown file size)
  9. Drop Dead (unknown file size)
  10. Uncle Harry's Bones (unknown file size)
  11. No Escape From The Jungle (unknown file size)
  12. Murder On Vacation (unknown file size)
  13. Man Behind The Frame (12.6Mb)
  14. Big Brother (12.5Mb)
  15. What Became of Terry Cable (12.2Mb)
  16. The Discovery of Ponce the Lion (unknown file size)
  17. The Fearless Clown (unknown file size)
  18. The Man From French Guiana (unknown file size)
  19. Sucker Stunt (unknown file size)
  20. The Marauder (unknown file size)
  21. The High Price of a Penny (unknown file size)
  22. Tune On A Triangle (12.6Mb)
  23. Red Spots in the Snow (unknown file size)
  24. Nothing But the Truth (unknown file size)
  25. High Card (unknown file size)
  26. Angel's Grotto (unknown file size)
  27. The Hand in the Coconut (12.5Mb)
  28. The Sedan from the City (12.4Mb)
  29. Tag, You're It (12.6Mb)
  30. The White Elephant (unknown file size)
  31. Deal Me Out and I'll Deal You In (unknown file size)
  32. The Blue Plate Special (12.4Mb)
  33. The Noose Hangs High (unknown file size)
  34. The House That Jack Built (unknown file size)
  35. It's A Mystery to Me (12.5Mb)
  36. And Hope To Die (12.5Mb)
  37. The Treasure of Millie's Wharf (unknown file size)
  38. Is Everybody Happy (unknown file size)
  39. See Me Once You've Seen Me Twice (unknown file size)
  40. Audition: George Lincoln, not Valentine (unknown file size)
  41. Audition: George Lincoln (unknown file size)
  42. Audition: The First Client (unknown file size)
  43. The First Client (27.1Mb)
  44. Kleptomaniac (27.4Mb)
  45. The Picnic (27.2Mb)
  46. Cousin Jeff and the Pigs (27.3Mb)
  47. The Brookdale Orphanage (27.3Mb)
  48. The Robber (27.2Mb)
  49. Snookums (27.3Mb)
  50. The Investment (27.4Mb)
  51. Forty-two on a Rope (27.3Mb)
  52. The Smugglers (27.3Mb)
  53. Am I My Brothers Keeper (27.1Mb)
  54. Bewildered Bird-watcher (aka Penthouse Roof) (26.5Mb)
  55. The Wolf Pack (27.1Mb)
  56. Under the River (aka Tunnel Project) (27.1Mb)
  57. The Spirit World (27.4Mb)
  58. Friendship Club [aka-Island in the Lake] (6.9Mb)
  59. Have Some Excitement (6.9Mb)
  60. A Piece Of Publicity [aka-Hired for a Bodyguard] (6.8Mb)
  61. Problem Child [aka-The Unfit Mother] (6.9Mb)
  62. Mr. Korawski - American [aka-The Racket] (6.9Mb)
  63. Murder Me Twice [aka-The Man Who Was Murdered Twice] (6.9Mb)
  64. A Close Call (13.5Mb)
  65. Cry Murder [aka-A Deadman Who Was a Murderer] (13.6Mb)
  66. The Seven Murder (13.6Mb)
  67. The Money Maker (13.6Mb)
  68. The Perfect Specimen (13.5Mb)
  69. The Ghost on Bliss Terrace (13.5Mb)
  70. The Corpse That Took a Powder (13.6Mb)
  71. A Minor Case of Murder (13.5Mb)
  72. The Impatient Redhead (6.8Mb)
  73. The Father Who Had Nothing to Say (6.8Mb)
  74. The Hearse That Was Painted Pink (6.8Mb)
  75. The Little Man Who Was Everywhere (6.8Mb)
  76. Death Wears a Gay Sports Jacket (6.8Mb)
  77. The Seven Dead Years (6.7Mb)
  78. The Flowers That Smelled of Murder (6.8Mb)
  79. Murder - It's a Gift (6.8Mb)
  80. Who Is Sylvia (6.5Mb)
  81. Stand-In for Murder (6.8Mb)
  82. The Malignant Heart (6.7Mb)
  83. Death In Fancy Dress (13.5Mb)
  84. Murder and One To Go (13.5Mb)
  85. The Corpse on a Caper (13.6Mb)
  86. The Payoff is Murder (13.5Mb)
  87. Till Death Do Us Part (6.9Mb)
  88. Mayhem By Experts (6.9Mb)
  89. One Against a City (7Mb)
  90. Destination - Dead End (13.6Mb)
  91. Journey Into Hate (13.6Mb)
  92. Your Money or Your Life (13.6Mb)
  93. The Roundabout Murder (13.2Mb)
  94. The Motif Is Murder (13.6Mb)
  95. The Four-Sided Triangle (13.6Mb)
  96. The Host of Casa Diablo (6.9Mb)
  97. The Elusive Hundred Grand (13.5Mb)
  98. Lady in Distress (13.6Mb)
  99. Out of Mind (6.7Mb)
  100. Vultures on the Wing (6.8Mb)
  101. Come and Get Me (6.8Mb)
  102. Stranger Than Fiction (13.2Mb)
  103. A Matter of Doubt (13.4Mb)
  104. Death in Blue Jeans (13.4Mb)
  105. Serenade to the Southern Star (13.5Mb)
  106. The Next to the Last Guest (6.5Mb)
  107. Laura's House (6.8Mb)
  108. Perfect Alibi (6.8Mb)
  109. One Chance at the World (6.8Mb)
  110. The Problem of Joe Martin (6.8Mb)
  111. Empress of Fishfalls (6.8Mb)
  112. End of Summer (6.8Mb)
  113. Everything Is Nice (6.8Mb)
  114. Valley Sunset (6.9Mb)
  115. The Coward (6.8Mb)
  116. The Man Under the Elm Trees (6.8Mb)
  117. Double Death (6.9Mb)
  118. The Rose Petal Staircase (6.8Mb)
  119. Every Shot Counts (6.9Mb)
  120. The Dark Chain (6.9Mb)
  121. Run Until Dead (6.8Mb)
  122. Sweet Poison (6.9Mb)
  123. No Riders (6.8Mb)
  124. Too Near the Sky (6.8Mb)
  125. Partner in Panama (6.7Mb)
  126. Follow That Train (6.5Mb)
  127. Snow Blind (6.5Mb)
  128. Needle In The Haystack (6.7Mb)
  129. The Silent Waterfall (16.8Mb)
  130. Juniper Lane (13.4Mb)
  131. The Floaters (13.4Mb)
  132. The Ugly Duckling (13.4Mb)
  133. The Old Style (13.4Mb)
  134. Go Jump in the Lake (13.4Mb)
  135. The Tears of Sorrow (13.4Mb)
  136. The Brothers Macintosh (13.4Mb)
  137. Portrait by Priscilla (13.4Mb)
  138. Mixup in La Cruza (13.4Mb)
  139. Death Begins at 45 (13.4Mb)
  140. The Chair of Humanities (13.5Mb)
  141. Picture with a Black Frame (6.7Mb)
  142. The Ant Hill (6.7Mb)
  143. Portugese Cove (6.7Mb)
  144. Sudden Storm (6.6Mb)
  145. The Witch of Mill Hollow (6.7Mb)
  146. The Iron Cat (6.7Mb)
  147. So Low in Whispers (6.7Mb)
  148. Most Likely to Die (6.7Mb)
  149. The Scream of the Eagle (6.6Mb)
  150. Island in the Desert (13.4Mb)
  151. Eleven O'Clock (6.7Mb)
  152. The Golden Lizard (6.7Mb)
  153. Voice of the Giant (6.7Mb)
  154. Sweet Are the Uses of Publicity (6.8Mb)
  155. The High Price of a Penny (6.8Mb)
  156. The Treasure Of Millie's Wharf (6.7Mb)
  157. High Card (6.9Mb)
  158. Second Degree Affection (6.9Mb)
  159. The White Elephant (6.7Mb)
  160. Cover for an Hour (6.7Mb)
  161. Tag, You're It (6.7Mb)
  162. The House That Jack Built (6.5Mb)
  163. The Spider and the Fly (6.7Mb)
  164. It's A Mystery To Me (12.5Mb)
  165. The Hand In The Coconut (12.4Mb)
  166. Sedan From The City (12.4Mb)
  167. A Visit from Merlin (13.7Mb)
  168. Angel's Grotto (6.8Mb)
  169. Cause for Thanksgiving (13.4Mb)
  170. Nothing but the Truth (13Mb)
  171. And Hope to Die (7Mb)
  172. The Book Worm Turns (7Mb)
  173. Opportunity Knocks Twice (7Mb)
  174. Santa Claus in Glass (12.4Mb)
  175. The Man Behind the Frame (7Mb)
  176. Tune on a Triangle (7Mb)
  177. Knock on Wood (7.1Mb)
  178. Christmas in January (7.1Mb)
  179. Tongalani (11.3Mb)
  180. The Marauder (12.8Mb)
  181. How Guilty Can You Get (6.9Mb)
  182. See Me Once, You've Seen Me Twice (6.9Mb)
  183. The Public Eye (6.9Mb)
  184. The Prairie Dog (6.9Mb)
  185. Murder for Two (6.9Mb)
  186. No Escape from the Jungle (6.9Mb)
  187. The Eight Ball (7Mb)
  188. Uncle Harry's Bones (7.1Mb)
  189. The Noose Hangs High (7.1Mb)
  190. Sabotage (6.8Mb)
  191. The Discovery of Ponce, the Lion (12.5Mb)
  192. Big Brother (12.5Mb)
  193. Sucker Stunt (12.4Mb)
  194. The Man From Jaune Cache (12.5Mb)
  195. Is Everybody Happy (12.2Mb)
  196. What's Become of Terry Cable (12.2Mb)
  197. Drop Dead (12.4Mb)
  198. The Fearless Clown (12.5Mb)
  199. Deal Me Out and I'll Deal You In (12.4Mb)
  200. Murder On Vacation (12.5Mb)
  201. Blue Plate Special (12.4Mb)
  202. Framed for Hanging (7Mb)
  203. No Way Out (6.9Mb)
  204. A Crime Too Simple (6.8Mb)
  205. The Woman in Black (7Mb)
  206. Destination, Danger (6.8Mb)
  207. The Meddler (6.8Mb)
  208. Off the Record (13.1Mb)
  209. The Last Payoff (6.9Mb)
  210. Stolen Goods (6.8Mb)
  211. Christmas Letter (6.6Mb)
  212. A School Of Sharks (6.7Mb)
  213. The Bad Little God (6.7Mb)
  214. A Matter of Honor (6.8Mb)
  215. The Common Denominator (6.7Mb)
  216. Surprise, Surprise (6.9Mb)
  217. Cortez Island (6.9Mb)
  218. The Symbol Three (6.8Mb)
  219. The Starlight Pier (6.8Mb)
  220. The Deadly Pines (6.9Mb)
  221. The Darkest Shadow (6.8Mb)
  222. Three Times and Out (6.9Mb)
  223. The Gray Stone Ghost (6.9Mb)
  224. The Forgotten Murder (6.8Mb)
  225. War Maneuver (6.8Mb)
  226. Operation Europa (6.8Mb)
  227. Come to the Casbah (6.7Mb)
  228. The Iron Hat (6.8Mb)
  229. It Happened on Friday (6.7Mb)
  230. The Violent Van Pattons (6.8Mb)
  231. The Mystic (6.8Mb)
  232. Seed of Destruction (6.7Mb)
  233. Sabotage (6.8Mb)
  234. Human Nature (6.8Mb)
  235. Once a Crook (13.3Mb)
  236. Chance and Probability (6.8Mb)
  237. The Four Seasons (13.7Mb)
  238. The Dead of Night (6.7Mb)
  239. Guy Reposo (6.8Mb)
  240. Dead on Arrival (6.8Mb)
  241. The Stand-In (6.7Mb)
  242. The Ghost of Ireland Betty (13.9Mb)

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