Down Your Ear

1993 Armando Iannucci series
from muse.cream.org

A programme showcasing On The Hour producer Armando Iannucci’s prodigious ability for fiddling about with bits of tape. Armed only with a huge library of stock recordings and some splicing equipment, Iannucci explained (via ludicrously mannered commentary) the history and future of radio and much else besides, highlighting such audio gems as a single footballer playing a league match on his own and a live commentary on the Splitting of the Radio 4 Frequencies.

  1. Episode 1 (12.9Mb)
  2. Episode 2 (13.4Mb)
  3. Episode 3 (13.2Mb)
  4. Episode 4 (13.1Mb)
  5. Episode 5 (13.5Mb)

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