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The Drabblecast is an award-winning, illustrated, listener-supported audio fiction magazine, released as a free to download, weekly podcast. It features short stories at the far side of weird, including science fiction, horror, fantasy, and everything in between. It is hosted and produced by Norm Sherman. The Drabblecast is open to submissions and is a paying market.

  1. The Coughing Dog (9.3Mb)
  2. Longing For Love: A Unicorn's Story (9.4Mb)
  3. Next Stop (11.2Mb)
  4. Uncle Ollie's Gift (10Mb)
  5. Guardians (18.8Mb)
  6. The Frog Prince (10Mb)
  7. Rutabaga (7.6Mb)
  8. Epiphany (9Mb)
  9. Vengeance At 4 (11.7Mb)
  10. A Little Black Death (18.9Mb)
  11. Black And White Animals' Secret Weapons (35.8Mb)
  12. Free Willy 2.4 (12Mb)
  13. Rorrim (22.6Mb)
  14. Mouse (13.3Mb)
  15. Roanax (22.5Mb)
  16. I-81 (11.6Mb)
  17. Morton (23.6Mb)
  18. The One That Got Away (14.9Mb)
  19. Sredni Vashtar (19Mb)
  20. A Day With Daddy (11.9Mb)
  21. The Metamorphosis Of The Phosphorescent Avenger (12.8Mb)
  22. Black And White 2 (29.2Mb)
  23. Momentum (13.9Mb)
  24. Black And White 3 (33Mb)
  25. The Worm Within (20Mb)
  26. Once Upon A Hill (10.6Mb)
  27. Crazy (19.8Mb)
  28. The Hog Faced Man (13.9Mb)
  29. Code Brown (13.3Mb)
  30. 2084 (13.3Mb)
  31. Office Consultation (14.3Mb)
  32. The Wardens Last Day (17.6Mb)
  33. Dessert Storm (13.7Mb)
  34. The Suit (22Mb)
  35. The Guilt Trader (15.2Mb)
  36. Pumpkinseeds (17.6Mb)
  37. Luna Springs (16.2Mb)
  38. Trifecta (15.6Mb)
  39. The Beekeepers (25.9Mb)
  40. Marbles (13Mb)
  41. Set Another Place (12.6Mb)
  42. 40 Quarters (18.8Mb)
  43. Jelly Park (17.4Mb)
  44. The Arc Of Hronos (17.5Mb)
  45. The Fine Point (15.1Mb)
  46. The She Wolf (21Mb)
  47. The Silver Ring (18.6Mb)
  48. The Destiny Of Man (10.9Mb)
  49. Heart To Heart (11.5Mb)
  50. Trifecta 2 (16.5Mb)
  51. Crimson (19.7Mb)
  52. Sleep Age (13.8Mb)
  53. Sing (19.3Mb)
  54. Unholy Fruit (16.6Mb)
  55. Circes (18.5Mb)
  56. 33 Seconds (21.7Mb)
  57. The Tiger Fortune Princess (18.6Mb)
  58. Eggs (16.9Mb)
  59. The Interview (17Mb)
  60. Dysfunction (17.5Mb)
  61. Trifecta III (20.8Mb)
  62. Sizzle By Weldon Burge (20.4Mb)
  63. Time Shift (13.8Mb)
  64. Thus Spake Bleerbo (18.9Mb)
  65. Old Claras Favorites (20.2Mb)
  66. Creatures In Disguise (16.1Mb)
  67. Malish By Mike Resnick (12.1Mb)
  68. The Wiggly People (13Mb)
  69. The Story Teller (21.6Mb)
  70. Reality Bites (21Mb)
  71. Perfect Down Further (24.9Mb)
  72. Exit (16.8Mb)
  73. All In (24.3Mb)
  74. Witchcraft In The Harem (26.3Mb)
  75. Trifecta IV (33.8Mb)
  76. Apologies All Around (18.5Mb)
  77. Permanent Detention (27.7Mb)
  78. Panel Discussion (17.6Mb)
  79. Low Carb Cheesecake (15.1Mb)
  80. Standing In Line (20.6Mb)
  81. Snuffles (14.2Mb)
  82. An Overgrown Clump Of Narcissists (20.3Mb)
  83. Floating Over Time (25Mb)
  84. Doubleheader (16.4Mb)
  85. Trifecta V (19.6Mb)
  86. Half Sneeze Johnny (22.2Mb)
  87. The Box Born Wraith (30.5Mb)
  88. The Toys Of Peace (25Mb)
  89. Starry Night (30.4Mb)
  90. Far Far Away (23.7Mb)
  91. Gifting Bliss (32Mb)
  92. Synesthesia (29.1Mb)
  93. Blue (19.7Mb)
  94. Squidges (19.8Mb)
  95. On Dasher (40.3Mb)
  96. Lwek And Sarah (26Mb)
  97. Daydream Nation (29Mb)
  98. The Graggleberry Thief (24.1Mb)
  99. Sarahs Window (29.4Mb)
  100. Trifecta VI (29Mb)
  101. Bemused (18.1Mb)
  102. The Last Dog (24.3Mb)
  103. Out Of His League (16Mb)
  104. The Food Processor (25Mb)
  105. Doubleheader 2 (13.1Mb)
  106. Boiled Black Broth And Cornets (14Mb)
  107. The Alchemical Automaton Blues (23.5Mb)
  108. The Wicked Witch Looks At 40 (14.3Mb)
  109. Babel Probe (28.9Mb)
  110. Trifecta VII (19.9Mb)
  111. Frequent Flier Miles (23.4Mb)
  112. The Guardian (31.2Mb)
  113. Charlie The Purple Giraffe (25.1Mb)
  114. Arms And The Man (15.7Mb)
  115. Clown Eggs (14.1Mb)
  116. Its All In The Knowing (18.2Mb)
  117. Curse Of The Aliens Wife (18.8Mb)
  118. The Relativity Prison (20.1Mb)
  119. The Seven Deadly Drabbles (17.8Mb)
  120. Doubleheader III (20.1Mb)
  121. Trifecta VIII (20.6Mb)
  122. The Fallen And The Muse Of The Street (35.2Mb)
  123. Toast (37.5Mb)
  124. Ghosts And Simulations (46.4Mb)
  125. Little Brothertm (23Mb)
  126. Dagon (49.5Mb)
  127. Nanuq (40Mb)
  128. The End Of The Universe (44.3Mb)
  129. Annabelles Alphabet (43Mb)
  130. Trifecta IX (30.9Mb)
  131. Storm Comes A Callin (36.9Mb)
  132. Doubleheader IV (32.6Mb)
  133. Over the Walls of Eden (31.3Mb)
  134. Bone Sigh (42.8Mb)
  135. Hello Said The Stick (24.7Mb)
  136. The Great Old Pumpkin (37.8Mb)
  137. Doubleheader V (28.8Mb)
  138. Kingdom Come (41.4Mb)
  139. Let Us Now Praise Awesome Dinosaurs (44.5Mb)
  140. Trifecta X (32.4Mb)
  141. On The Destruction Of Copenhagen By The War Machines Of The Merfolk (37.4Mb)
  142. The Golden Age of Fire Escapes Part I (54.7Mb)
  143. The Golden Age Of Fire Escapes Part II (50.8Mb)
  144. Joanierules.Bloggermax.Com (40.8Mb)
  145. Varmits (26.5Mb)
  146. Teddy Bears And Tea Parties (49.7Mb)
  147. Cassie (36.1Mb)
  148. The Last Great Clown Hunt (54.3Mb)
  149. So Youre Going To Die (42.6Mb)
  150. Morris And The Machine (43.4Mb)
  151. The Society Of Eccentric Moustaches (36.7Mb)
  152. Trifecta XI (48.9Mb)
  153. What Fluffy Knew (44.8Mb)
  154. Family Values (36.4Mb)
  155. The Second Conquest Of Earth (52.2Mb)
  156. Going To The Chapel (34.7Mb)
  157. Brief Candle (46.8Mb)
  158. Dr. Diablo Goes Through The Motions (42.9Mb)
  159. Intelligent Design (29.9Mb)
  160. Trifecta XII (42Mb)
  161. Higher than Usual (38.7Mb)
  162. Birdwatcher (41.5Mb)
  163. Once A Month On A Sunday (33.9Mb)
  164. The Observer (36.6Mb)
  165. Doubleheader VI (27.3Mb)
  166. Jubilee (46.7Mb)
  167. Snowmans Chance In Hell (38.3Mb)
  168. Route Nine (53.4Mb)
  169. The Reenactment (46.1Mb)
  170. Mongoose Part I (52.4Mb)
  171. Mongoose Part II (44.4Mb)
  172. Trifecta XIII (44.6Mb)
  173. Go Beep (33.8Mb)
  174. The Fantasy Jumper (37.6Mb)
  175. The Outsider (40.7Mb)
  176. Cinderlands (40.1Mb)
  177. Floaters (50.1Mb)
  178. The Tentacled Sky (42.3Mb)
  179. The Red Bride (34.1Mb)
  180. Something Borrowed Something Doomed (39.9Mb)
  181. Funeral Song For A Ventriloquist (40.4Mb)
  182. Trifecta XIV (54.4Mb)
  183. Angel Of The Ordinary (32.1Mb)
  184. Horror World 2025 Part I (43.4Mb)
  185. Horror World 2025 Part II (41.8Mb)
  186. Garkain (52.2Mb)
  187. Doubleheader VII (41.8Mb)
  188. The Store Of The Worlds (49.5Mb)
  189. Doubleheader VIII (32.4Mb)
  190. The Wheel (39.5Mb)
  191. Primary Pollinator (44.5Mb)
  192. Rangifer Volans (45.9Mb)
  193. Scales (39.7Mb)
  194. A Distant Sound Of Hammers (50.1Mb)
  195. A Matter of Size (45.4Mb)
  196. Moons Like Great White Whales (26.3Mb)
  197. Death Comes But Twice (26.6Mb)
  198. Love In The Pneumatic Tube Era (39.5Mb)
  199. In The Octopuss Garden (37.8Mb)
  200. The Last Question By Isaac Asimov (68.4Mb)
  201. Trifecta XV (43.4Mb)
  202. Boojum Part I (40.9Mb)
  203. Boojum Part II (47.5Mb)
  204. Doubleheader IX (36.1Mb)
  205. Trifecta XVI (38Mb)
  206. Creature (50.6Mb)
  207. Pinion (31.3Mb)
  208. Hokkaido Green (35.2Mb)
  209. Babyhead (43.3Mb)
  210. Trifecta XVII (28.2Mb)
  211. At The End Of The Hall (55.8Mb)
  212. Ancient Engines (36.3Mb)
  213. The Haunter Of The Dark (110Mb)
  214. The Wish Of The Demon Achtromagk (52.7Mb)
  215. Dread Unlocks (62.2Mb)
  216. The Book Of Eternity (47.9Mb)
  217. Followed (50.7Mb)
  218. Orange (21.4Mb)
  219. The Big Splash (28.4Mb)
  220. Trifecta XVIII (30.5Mb)
  221. Year Of The Rabbit (26.6Mb)
  222. Rules For Living In A Simulation (23.7Mb)
  223. Bearing Fruit (34Mb)
  224. Doubleheader X (33.4Mb)
  225. Trifecta XIX (53.8Mb)
  226. The Heroics Of Interior Design (26.2Mb)
  227. The Star1 (30.6Mb)
  228. A Fairytale Of Oakland (39.5Mb)
  229. Singularity Knocks (22.3Mb)
  230. Bears Discover Fire (51.8Mb)
  231. Trifecta XX (40.5Mb)
  232. Valentines Day With The Gods (29.6Mb)
  233. A Blade Of Love (22.5Mb)
  234. Jagannath (46.4Mb)
  235. Unreliable Witness (32.5Mb)
  236. When You Visit The Magoebaskloof Hotel (43.9Mb)
  237. Test Drive (20.1Mb)
  238. From The Lost Diary Of Treefrog7 (64.4Mb)
  239. Killing The Morrow (61.9Mb)
  240. Trifecta XXI (40.9Mb)
  241. The Dead (51.8Mb)
  242. Transfer Of Ownership (35.7Mb)
  243. The Other Lila (23Mb)
  244. Doubleheader XI (29.9Mb)
  245. A Nice Jewish Golem (28.1Mb)
  246. The Kidney (27.2Mb)
  247. How I Crippled A World With Just 0.01 Cents (23.4Mb)
  248. The Cockroach Hat (27Mb)
  249. Jimmys Roadside Cafe (55.4Mb)
  250. Trifecta XXII (33.9Mb)
  251. The Music Of Erich Zann (57.9Mb)
  252. The Elder Things And The Puddle People (28.9Mb)
  253. Maybe The Stars (57.8Mb)
  254. The Wreck Of The Charles Dexter Ward (94.6Mb)
  255. The Wreck Of The Charles Dexter Ward Pt 2 (56.3Mb)
  256. Roanoke Nevada (72.9Mb)
  257. Judgement Passed (90.6Mb)
  258. Brown Dust (74.4Mb)
  259. The Last Of The O Forms (58.9Mb)
  260. Trifecta Xxiiii (28.8Mb)
  261. The People Of Sand And Slag (74.3Mb)
  262. My True Lovecraft Gave To Me (45.6Mb)
  263. Betty Flesh And The Meat Man (37.4Mb)
  264. The Belonging Kind (60.1Mb)
  265. Pop Quiz (47.6Mb)
  266. Little Grace Of The House Of Death (69.5Mb)
  267. Postapocalypsemas (50.5Mb)
  268. I Only Am Escaped Alone To Tell Thee (41.4Mb)
  269. Bright Lights (43.6Mb)
  270. The First Conquest Of Earth (50.2Mb)
  271. Trifecta XXIII (48Mb)
  272. Power Armor A Love Story (54.5Mb)
  273. The Electric Ant (82.3Mb)
  274. Amid the Words of War (62.9Mb)
  275. A Riddle of Nine Syllables (59.7Mb)
  276. Hullabaloo (27.5Mb)
  277. The Universe of Things1 (47.6Mb)
  278. The End of the World as We Know It (77Mb)
  279. The Country Doctor (96.3Mb)
  280. Trifecta XXV (32.2Mb)
  281. Doubleheader XII (26.8Mb)
  282. Liane the Wayfarer (52.3Mb)
  283. The Man Who Drew Cats (67.3Mb)
  284. Turning Point (57.1Mb)
  285. Doubleheader XIII (38.5Mb)
  286. Unique Chicken Goes in Reverse (55.7Mb)
  287. Sweetie (23.2Mb)
  288. Bayou Witch (30.9Mb)
  289. The Cold Equations (88.1Mb)
  290. The Screaming Door (27.1Mb)
  291. The Lurking Fear (101Mb)
  292. Hollow as the World (61.2Mb)
  293. Call of the Pancake Factory (49.2Mb)
  294. Partial Inventory (68.6Mb)
  295. Twenty Ways the Desert Could Kill You (31.4Mb)
  296. Five Ways to Fall In Love on Planet Porcelain (42.8Mb)
  297. The Apothecarys Apprentice (45.5Mb)
  298. Flying on My Hatred of My Neighbors Dog (42.7Mb)
  299. The Revelation of Morgan Stern (52.7Mb)
  300. Bloodchild (77.8Mb)
  301. Everything Ravaged Everything Burned (62.7Mb)
  302. The Next Logical Step (33.4Mb)
  303. Hero the Movie (76.2Mb)
  304. Hero the Movie pt 2 1 (48.2Mb)
  305. Testimony Before an Emergency Session of the Naval Cephalopod Command (26.6Mb)
  306. Trifecta XXVI (32Mb)
  307. Unbelief (42.3Mb)
  308. Happy Old Year (43.4Mb)
  309. All the Young Kirks and Their Good Intentions (36.3Mb)
  310. The Ugly Chickens (92.1Mb)
  311. Birds of the Air (31.7Mb)
  312. Day Million (33.2Mb)
  313. The Blue Celeb pt 1 (62Mb)
  314. The Blue Celeb pt 2 (50.7Mb)
  315. Heaven is a Place on Planet X (79.3Mb)
  316. A Memory of Seafood (27.3Mb)
  317. Doubleheader XIV (31.4Mb)
  318. How They Tried to Talk Indian Tony Down (40.5Mb)
  319. Trifexta XXVII (34Mb)
  320. Half a Conversation Overheard While Inside An Enormous Sentient Slug (20.6Mb)
  321. The Goat Cutter (63.3Mb)
  322. The Carnival Was Eaten All Except the Clown (35.9Mb)
  323. Missed Connection (57.1Mb)
  324. The Ball Room (61.2Mb)
  325. Jackalope Wives (52.8Mb)
  326. Tree Fire World (31.9Mb)
  327. The Last Tiger (32.2Mb)
  328. Local Delicacies (52.6Mb)
  329. The Gravity Mine (41.9Mb)
  330. Trifecta XXVIII (38.2Mb)
  331. Night of the Cooters (82.9Mb)
  332. Mister Bob (44.7Mb)
  333. After the Cure (95.1Mb)
  334. The Colour Out of Space (129Mb)
  335. To Whatever (46.7Mb)
  336. The Mouth of God (96.2Mb)
  337. The Only Game in Town (72Mb)
  338. The Crevasse (98.8Mb)
  339. Trifecta XXVIII: Offbeat Afterlife (60.9Mb)
  340. On a Clear Day You Can See All the Way to Conspiracy (47Mb)
  341. The Litany of Earth (88.1Mb)
  342. I'm Bill Kurtis (20.2Mb)
  343. Captain Confederation (29.6Mb)
  344. Doubleheader XV (32.8Mb)
  345. Cat With Blue Fur Trifecta (30.5Mb)
  346. Remission (27.1Mb)
  347. Why I Hate Zombie Unicorns (15.8Mb)
  348. DoubleHeader XVI: LiAnn Yim (18.2Mb)
  349. The Island of White Houses (25.1Mb)
  350. Trifecta XXX: Something Fishy (23.3Mb)
  351. DoubleHeader XVII: Camille Griep (17.7Mb)
  352. Snow Day (16.7Mb)
  353. Primrose or Return to Il'maril (35.8Mb)
  354. DoubleHeader XVIII: Sylvia Spruck Wrigley (15.4Mb)
  355. Kiriki Grocery (32.7Mb)
  356. An Exodus of Wings (21.4Mb)
  357. Trifecta: Embarrassing Personal Problems (28.8Mb)
  358. DoubleHeader: Rachael K. Jones (21.7Mb)
  359. Trifecta: Unnatural Growth (30.1Mb)
  360. Trifecta: Locked Boxes (32.3Mb)
  361. Time to Say Goodnight (26.2Mb)
  362. Starter House (35.2Mb)
  363. The Totals (26.6Mb)
  364. All of Our Past Places (23.3Mb)
  365. This Secular Technology (33Mb)
  366. The Whisperer in Darkness pt. 1 (83.4Mb)
  367. The Whisperer in Darkness pt. 2 (70.2Mb)
  368. Restless in R'lyeh (22.7Mb)
  369. In The Walls (20.6Mb)
  370. The Little Mermaid of Innsmouth (36.5Mb)
  371. Old Dead Futures (23.8Mb)
  372. Delicate Parts (18Mb)
  373. Trifecta: Things We Made (22.8Mb)
  374. Jump I'll Catch You (18.3Mb)
  375. Ghost in the Coffee Machine (31.3Mb)
  376. A Last Kiss for Lazarus Winters (A Saint Darwin's Spiritual) (37Mb)
  377. Here There Be Monsters? (17.6Mb)
  378. Giraffe Cyborg Cleans House! (18.5Mb)
  379. Water Spots (15.1Mb)
  380. The Four Generations of Chang E (21.2Mb)
  381. Unathi Battles the Black Hairballs (35.9Mb)
  382. Down the Well (32.3Mb)
  383. SUN MOON CAT MAN (17Mb)
  384. The Cats of Ulthar (14.6Mb)
  385. The Innsmouth of the South (41.5Mb)
  386. Garen and The Hound (23.9Mb)

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