DSI Julie Enfield Investigates

BBC Radio 4 crime drama starring Imelda Staunton
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Dogged DSI Julie Enfield probes eight gruesome cases in these dark, atmospheric radio dramas.

Terminus (1) finds her investigating the 'Lucky Charm' murders, as she searches for an elusive serial killer who haunts the railway station. In The Smithfield Murders, (2), a grisly killing at London's famous meat market sparks another troubling investigation, while in The Net and the Canal (3), Enfield and her team look into a series of mysterious murders along Regent's Park Canal. Leaves of the Dead (4) presents her with a trio of inexplicable deaths in the British Library - could they be ritual murders?

Murder West One (5) comprises the stand-alone dramas A Cure for Death, The Art of the Matter, Five Star Killing and Soho Espresso. In these four episodes, the DSI faces a medical mystery behind the discovery of a dumped body, investigates a clever scam and a missing masterpiece, unravels a high-class murder at a glitzy London hotel and heads to a coffee bar where a man lies dead upstairs - but who killed him?

Created and written by BAFTA-winning scriptwriter Nick Fisher.

  1. 101 Corpse (26.9Mb)
  2. 102 Busker (27Mb)
  3. 103 Playing Games (26.7Mb)
  4. 104 Fury (26.5Mb)
  5. 105 Clue (26.5Mb)
  6. 201 Filth And Fat And Blood And Foam (27Mb)
  7. 202 Blue Bummarees (27.1Mb)
  8. 203 Chef's Special (26.9Mb)
  9. 204 A Mushroom Diet (27.2Mb)
  10. 205 A Passion For Hunting Something (26.8Mb)
  11. 301 Waking Up To Nessun Dorma (27.2Mb)
  12. 302 Communicating With The President (27Mb)
  13. 303 Tarantulas In Trojan Horses (27.1Mb)
  14. 304 Beyond The Firewall (27Mb)
  15. 401 Proverbs And Punctures From Hell (26.6Mb)
  16. 402 Stacks And Baps And Amulets (27Mb)
  17. 403 Welcome To The Nightmare (26.7Mb)
  18. 404 Pyramids In The Spider (26.9Mb)
  19. 501 A Cure For Death (40.3Mb)
  20. 502 The Art Of The Matter (40.3Mb)
  21. 503 Five Star Killing (40.3Mb)
  22. 504 Soho Espresso (40.3Mb)

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