Early Chip Chipperson Compilations

A compilation of Chip Chipperson's appearances on Opie and Anthony
from archive.org

These were originally created by eyehatemyjob on YouTube. They're from early 2010, just as Chip was being introduced to the show. Enjoy!

  1. Chip Chipperson (8.7Mb)
  2. More Chip Chipperson (5.9Mb)
  3. Chip is so fucking annoying (9.2Mb)
  4. Even More Chip Chipperson (8Mb)
  5. I Love Chip (10Mb)
  6. Guess What - MORE Chip (10.4Mb)
  7. Chip - Shut up (5.9Mb)
  8. Chip is a SENSATION (12.5Mb)
  9. A Couple of Chips (10.5Mb)
  10. Another fucking Chip video (11.4Mb)
  11. Even MORE Chip (10.8Mb)
  12. I wanna be Chips brother (8.7Mb)
  13. Who dont love Chip (9Mb)
  14. Chip is too funny today (9.2Mb)
  15. Chip sucks (8.8Mb)
  16. Chip Chipperson is the worst character ever (8.8Mb)
  17. Blue Chips (12.7Mb)
  18. Chip has a BIG fan (9.1Mb)
  19. Die Chip (9Mb)
  20. Chip and Dip (9.2Mb)
  21. Chip will get you SO WET (9.1Mb)
  22. Chip is FUCKED UP (7.7Mb)

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