Classic science fiction serial by James Follett set in deep space (20 x 30 mins)
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BBC radio science fiction serial by James Follett, broadcast in 20 episodes in 1981 & 1982. The four crew members of a damaged spaceship, all born during the 100 year journey, want to return to Earth, the home world they have never seen, but the computers who really control the ship have other ideas...

  1. Planetfall (7.8Mb)
  2. First Footprint City (8.1Mb)
  3. Sands Of Kyros (8.2Mb)
  4. The Solaric Empire (8.3Mb)
  5. The Pools Of Time (8.2Mb)
  6. Across The Abyss (7.9Mb)
  7. New Blood (7.8Mb)
  8. Marooned (8.1Mb)
  9. Star Cluster Tersus 9 (8.6Mb)
  10. Earthfall (8.4Mb)
  11. Return (7.7Mb)
  12. Flood (8.1Mb)
  13. Surrender (8.1Mb)
  14. Solaria (8.1Mb)
  15. Sundeath (8.1Mb)
  16. Supermass (7.9Mb)
  17. Deathship (8.2Mb)
  18. Megalomania (7.9Mb)
  19. Earth (8Mb)
  20. Earthvoice (8.1Mb)

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