Earthsearch - Mindwarp
The third in the Earthsearch Trilogy

The third in the Earthsearch Trilogy and is a prequel to Series 1 & 2. This is not apparent until much later on, and is really a wholly separate storyline.

Arama - a great domed city encased in rock, deep beneath the surface. Generation after generation of people have gone about their lives in a world of finite space and infinite resources - never pondering the many inconistencies around them. They have been taught not to. To them there is only Arama... and Diablo - the evil land against which they fight an eternal war. And the outdoors? Well, that's just a myth. Something to frighten children. A threat for those who disobey the Guardian of Destiny. No one questions why things are as they are. No one wonders if there could be something more.

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