Echoes from the East

BBC radio plays from Menagerie, 2010-2011
from menagerie.uk.com

Menagerie and BBC East have developed a unique collaboration to create 12 new plays for radio. As part of our Arts Council-funded 2010-11 project to bring new writers into the company alongside Menagerie ‘veterans’, we commissioned the 12 to pen a short play for radio with one stipulation: it had to be located somewhere in the East of England. Patrick and Paul worked alongside each writer, helping to refine the pieces for recording. The final dramaturgical input came from BBC producer Faith Collingwood, who directed all 12 plays in the BBC Voices Studio in Norwich. The plays were recorded by Menagerie Ensemble actors and have now been broadcast on the BBC network along with writer interviews.

Actors: Trevor Nichols, Jasmine Hyde, Martin Austin, Danusia Iwaszko, Theo Daveney, Bethan Walker, Patrick Morris

Director: Faith Collingwood

Editor: Alisdair McGregor

Commissioning: Paul Bourne and Patrick Morris

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  4. 04-Track-04 (9.1Mb)
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