Science fiction comedy

BBCR4 2000

4 X 30 minute episodes

Ectoplasm by Dan Freedman & Nick Romero.

A science-fiction comedy radio series.

Lord Zimbabwe, a famed occult adventurer; Theremin, a truculent and disrespectful butler; Doctor Lilac, a Teutonic scientist and sceptic with an unfortunate leaning towards megalomaniacal diatribe and Schroedinger, a cat in a quantum state of existence with a fondness for the ladies.

These four adventurers will battle a mummy, the devil, a waffle baron and professional rivals, all to aid damsels in distress.

With evil shape changing pixies masquerading as god, scouse hamsters and woodlice with PMT, a very vulgar Pharaoh, killer wardrobes, nice rugs, a variety of playground snacks and a special place in hell for Belgians (right next to the Gullible).

Nick Romero as Lord Zimbabwe
Dan Freedman as Dr. Lilac
Sophie Aldred as The Damsel in Distress
Peter Donaldson as Theremin

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