Educating Archie

1950s British radio comedy with ventriloquist Peter Brough
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Educating Archie was a BBC Light Program comedy show broadcast in the early 1950s on Sunday lunchtimes featuring ventriloquist Peter Brough and his dummy Archie Andrews. The program was very successful even though the idea of a ventriloquist and his dummy being on radio seems quite illogical. The show often averaged 15 million listeners, and a fan club boasted 250,000 members. In 1956 the program was transferred to television.

  1. Unknown Title (6Mb)
  2. Ea 1951.10.19 S02e12 the Cinema (6.9Mb)
  3. Unknown Title (5.9Mb)
  4. Unknown Title (6.8Mb)
  5. Ea 1954.04.01 S04e25 The Burglar (6.2Mb)
  6. Atb 1954.11.11 S01e01 The First Episode (6.5Mb)
  7. Atb 1955.03.24 S01e20 Last in Series (6.5Mb)
  8. Unknown Title (6.6Mb)
  9. Ea 1957.09.18 Sspe01 Archie in Australia (6.3Mb)
  10. Ea 1957.10.09 S08e03 Brough Goes on a Diet (6.4Mb)
  11. Ea 1959.03.01 S08e23 Around the British Isles in Eight Days (6.6Mb)

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