Elephants to Catch Eels
The historical situation comedy set in Drumlin Bay, Cornwall

Elephants to Catch Eels was an historical situation comedy originally broadcast on BBC Radio 4. It was broadcast in two series of six half-hour episodes each, from February to March 2003 and April to May 2004. It was written by Tom Jamieson and Nev Fountain and produced by Jan Ravens.

Set in the fictional Drumlin Bay, Cornwall, during the 1790s, Elephants To Catch Eels follows the smuggling exploits of the resourceful Tamsyn Trelawney (Lucy Speed (series 1); Sheridan Smith (series 2)) and her drunken innkeeper father, Jago (John Bowe). The new preventative officer, Major Thomas Falconer (Cameron Stewart), finds it difficult to believe a woman could be involved in smuggling, unlike his deputy, Captain Marriot (Andrew McGibbon).

Other characters include Squire Bascombe (Martin Hyder) and the gullible Dewey (Mark Felgate) with other parts played by Mark Perry and India Fisher. Anachronistic allusions, such as a "Smuggling personality of the year" contest, are part of the comedy.

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