Fantasy-based sitcom set on Lower Earth

Stephen Mangan, Alistair McGowan and Sophie Winkleman star in this fantastical BBC Radio 4 comedy by Anil Gupta and Richard Pinto. Sam (Stephen Mangan - "Green Wing") is a fantasy novelist who is whisked off to a Tolkien-style parallel universe by a noble elf, a sexy warrior princess (Sophie Winkleman - "Peep Show", "Red Dwarf") and a feisty dwarf called Dean. Why? Because Sam's dog is the Chosen One who is destined to save 'Lower Earth' from the evil Lord Darkness (Alistair McGowan - "Alistair McGowan's Big Impression").

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  1. s1e01 - Chosen One (0Mb)
  2. s1e02 - Search For Amis (0Mb)
  3. s1e03 - Tower Of Tests (0Mb)
  4. s1e04 - Distress Call (0Mb)
  5. s1e05 - Oracle Of Fenrog (0Mb)
  6. s1e06 - Rock Of Sorrows (0Mb)
  7. s2e01 - Sword Of Asnagar (0Mb)
  8. s2e02 - Evil Sorcerer Dietica (0Mb)
  9. s2e03 - Vidar's Love Potion (0Mb)
  10. s2e04 - Lord Darkness (0Mb)
  11. s2e05 - Emperor Jackie (0Mb)
  12. s2e06 - Good vs Evil (0Mb)
  13. s3e01 - Giants Castle (0Mb)
  14. s3e02 - Ragner Half-tooth (0Mb)
  15. s3e03 - Mines at Grazak-Dun (0Mb)
  16. s3e04 - King Baldwin the Jovial (0Mb)
  17. s3e05 - White Wizard (0Mb)
  18. s3e06 - Beacon of Doom (0Mb)
  19. s4e01 - Queen Eleanor (0Mb)
  20. s4e02 - Magnificent Five (0Mb)
  21. s4e03 - Fat Hog (0Mb)
  22. s4e04 - The Bard (0Mb)
  23. s4e05 - Underworld (0Mb)
  24. s4e06 - Great Escape (0Mb)

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